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What is happening with my messi missing one on one with the keeper, how many times have I seen him calmly lob the keeper in those situations.
3 days ago
Boooooooooooooooo boring, how can I diss him if he is being gracious in defeat.
4 days ago
That one worries me, we will need our A game against them.
1 month ago
I think we have a lot going for us ATM players would tear off their limbs to be deemed worthy by brendan to play for this team, vertonghen included. Okay that w...
@Faceo just like anything in life you always think your first is the best(smoking weed is the only exeption), @Madder we did get your point hence the discussion...
Looking forward to that one hope they replace leonidas with someone just as badass (big ask I know).
Syria,ukraine,brazil and now venezuela if a government is not accountable to the people it ceases to be one. Forza venezuela
It's a cliche but attack wins games defense wins titles, that cliche will be put to the test for us this season and I suspect it won't fail. Top four for us thi...
2 months ago
Me too haven't screamed so hard at the telly in a while we really needed these three points, what brendan is getting out of this team is phenomenal can't wait f...
Lol uncalled for man
How did fulham manage to score two goals in a game where they were non existent, ridiculous hope that doesn't happen to us 'cause I know they'll be non-existent...
If you really managed to pull that off my hat, goes off to you sir.
SAS sterling and skrtel lol commentator pointing that out today, both men of the match for me today.
I thought red indian was a derogatory term, and native was the preferred term.
Lol nice
No cl only premier league shouldn't be too tough for this squad, till summer then
3 months ago
@gerrard4ever love it when people make sense,although slightly disagree with your assessment of some of our buys. I still think it's 5 years too early; 1 for as...
Too lazy to actually make a list so I concur.
Last episode was just okay for me though
4 months ago
Messuarez nominated J. Flanagan (75') for Goal of the Week
Messuarez nominated L. Suárez (15') for Goal of the Week
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