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According to this article, yeah kaiba is right
1 week ago
I think we need to stop pointing finger at individuals because yesterday we lost as a team. we just never seemed like scoring what so ever. atletico were just ...
Not sure but sometimes they show the wrong thing on guide. either my guide is wrong or yours is lol. onlytime will tell lol
Channel 569 on rogers has it. Its the sportsnet world!
Might be a while before I get that ps4. Just too busy with school n s**t
Yeah we have been. but no where close to how much we used to play on fifa 13. we play 1 season per day but then there r times we dont play for like 2-3 consecut...
Yeah, definitely. Have u been playing clubs?
Lol! whats new man! when you getting a ps4 newb?
Ahh nice man! better get the '14 lol!
I hope soo, its gonna be a huge challenge. Getting a ps4 on the 25th, the last day of exams . Cant wait bro!
Oh ok nice. you'll get through this. and get a fkin ps4 man lol.
Not searching bro. Iv decided amma do masters.
Yo, so drunk right now. today was a good day, a very good day lol
Yo yo yo! any luck with jobs man?
2 weeks ago
MacMessii!!! lol.
Yo yo yo!
Lool mac! but yeah what theo said. We gotta get back together! keep the "balls" legacy going u know!
Lmaoo! how in the world....
Its good to be optimistic lol. thats how we beat milan you know!
Messionage nominated Diego (56') for Goal of the Week
3 weeks ago
Messionage nominated L. Messi (42') for Goal of the Week
Messionage nominated Hulk (16') for Goal of the Week
Messionage nominated Iniesta (34') for Goal of the Week
Messionage nominated L. Messi (67') for Goal of the Week
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