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Messi911 updated his profile
4 years ago
JM: "Thank you for the nomination me, I nominate me, me, and me. You have 24 hours!"
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Cahill! ;)
If any of you have the slightest respect for Tito or the integrity of football for that matter, you will all kindly shut up and not turn this into another infam...
5 years ago
Haven't been on here in months but I just read the news and I simply had to pay my respects to Tito in mourning of his untimely passing. My sincere respect and ...
Hey guys, I know I haven't posted on here in a really long time, I just saw this and i thought you would enjoy it (especially if you're American like me) http:...
Do I seem underdressed to you?
For 11.5 your best bet would probably be Valencia. Alternatively you could buy Ander Herrera (Bilbao) for 6.5 mil and have 5 mil extra to upgrade any weak spots...
Hey there, I understand that you started a dreamfooty league for Barça fans, and I was wondering if I could join. Could you tell me the name and password? than...
Thanks, Jeroen, I will definitely do that!
Hey mate! I'm not gonna run my own DF league, but I'm already part of our Barça fans league, and you should be too :) The league is called 'Blaugrana' and I b...
Hey Jeroen! I was just wondering if you were going to start a dreamfooty league, and if you are, I would love to be a part of it. Just let me know when you hav...
^^I think this will solve your problem
Do you have a link?
I'm pretty sure that's Alf's video...
6 years ago
Hugo Sánchez? Though he might be a bit inexperienced for Madrid's caliber. My only other thought could be Del Bosque, or perhaps Karanka if he's willing to st...
Robben: wow, his head is even shinier than mine!
I don't usually drink tea, but when I do, I make sure its a long island.
I agree.
Messi911 nominated L. Messi (88') for Goal of the Week
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Messi911 is now friends with Tacticalmaster
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