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5 years ago
You stupid loser.. stop trying to compare him with messi everytime you scratch ur vagina..just watch the game
1st guy--"Messi warming the bench LIKE A BOSS!" 2nd guy-- haha he must be thinking: "so this is what lowly mortals call bench" couple of comments i read in an...
Pepe had total control over the defense my a%$.. are u kidding me.. did you even watch the game.. gave away a stupid penalty.. was rolling on the floor for no r...
6 years ago
If you read carefully I was actually excited abt the penalties..messi(god) missed yesterday..everyone does.. if YOU had been watching for a "long time" you woul...
Seems like you really don't know why or WHO..must be personal..
See this one i read..and btw that 1 like ..that was me.. wanted to click reply but I guess had one too many..
Great game.. great result.. we watch league games so much that we tend to forget the excitement..the pressure..the nailbitingness(if there is such a word) of pe...
If you write smth short may be someone will read..
Wht u mean by spanish teams to meet in semis?
Dont worry abt it..that wont be a problem..worry abt 2nd leg
When you are keeping against the world's bests, can't fall asleep. It was a great match though. Athletico really made barca sweat on this one. Falcao might be g...
Varas had the day of his life..happiest day probably for ronaldo too this year..messi and barca just not having their regular week....see its all about giving a...
Haha..made my morning
Oh just shut up.. go and throw ur bullcrap on some chelsea page..
With all the missed chances, its funny how dzeko even got robbed of two easy tap ins..and once again aguero saved the day WITH a tap in..he must be like $%@$%#^...
I know i did..i am just saying players of his quality can do good with out the bullsh*t..i am no hater(unlike suarez apparently)..we all love good football
Suarez is becoming more and more like what Ronaldo USED to be in the BPL- sly, cheating, arrogant bit*h with Talent..
I think Manchini and Ferguson both planned this all week..that is how to kill my fantasy team..
Nothing has been proven yet..if city end up winning the BPL, it is going to be money well spent..worked for chelsea, thats the way of real madrid- the most succ...
REALITY CHECK for the high flying(domestically) Man City... loving all the drama though
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