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Sturridge scored a better chip
We've had a great preseason, new players seem to be integrating nicely, albeit soft competition, but no match is easy. Coutinho is looking brilliant. His value ...
No, Reus' preferred position is a forward
Why is the commentator calling him 'Leyo Messi'?
Somewhere on FootyTube
They should definitely appeal it. The FA are taking the piss! Violent conduct is violent conduct and therefore it should be a 3-match ban. If it's more than 3, ...
Any news from that guy 'Kidulthood'? The idiot who said Bayern were s**t especially at the Allianz and that they would get hammered. Oops!
5 years ago
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Any other player would have got a 3-5 match ban, but unfortunately it's Suarez. I'm not defending him, he's an idiot and he needs counselling, but 10 games is v...
McCarthy? How did he manage to catch that shot from Suarez? Surely any other keeper would have parried it for a corner?!
Brad has had a shocker between the sticks Adebayor missing the target for a penalty is unacceptable
Moura also
Somewhere on FootyTube
Just goes to show, you shouldn't comment when you're drunk/emotions are running high
Real Madrid have done well against Barca this season, it's what they've done in their other games which has got them behind. So I don't see how you can say Barc...
I would disagree that the reason Spain are so successful is down to possession.
The mask isn't actually for a physical injury but rather to hide what a sly little s**t he is
"and they would have scored 5 more goals if the game continued on for more time." What a stupid comment
Really good point.
Dafoe is a great striker and very underrated
Doubtful, the english media hate football and especially england football
If a team only had a fan base within the city, they'd stand no chance financially. Whether a fan comes from that city/town or not, it has no relevance to whethe...
Except for Joey Barton isn't a particularly great footballer.
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