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5 years ago
"may her rest in peace..." do you mean "may she rest in peace?" talk about "bastardization of the english language"
11:51... messi loses the ball... and heelflicks it back to himself... o.O
Trailer park boys?
Lol that ur name is enlarged
Well torres has visibly been playing better unlike last season when the goal was kinda lucky.
6 years ago
Wot a dive...
H8-2 correct you, but...
We may not have deserved a win, but our team scored ALL 3 goals today... yours scored none.
@IamDKM. stick to american football (where they dont really need to dive for breaks anyway because every play lasts about 5 seconds). PERHAPS you'll do a better...
Fabregas had some messi moments in there!
" It has always taken the Best out of Barcelona FC to beat Real Madrid. Hardly the case for Madrid it seems and I think Barca have more reasons to worry about t...
Its not cockiness. it's called developing young talent. This may be why Barca lost this game, but it is also why they have won so much in the past few years.
@IHadYouAll ... perhaps you should read shovwar's comment again.
Lol even the commentator wants him to score...
He also said that van persie fouls the opposition when he gets the ball.
But i dont think many people could sanely say that neymar is better than messi
Somewhere on FootyTube
What a player... what an annus!
Wait- didn't madrid get in trouble for wasting time to get a red card? can someone explain the difference in this case to me? I'm not trying to pick a fight, ju...
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