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Mekusamaba wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Todd, what should be mentioned however, is that what I think is a driving factor for a lot of this is that "support" for Suarez has also come from the "I'm not ...
6 years ago
Greg that was a fantastic article on the whole illusion of the English press with regards to the football team. Privilege mate
Shotgun buying Nani for 35 million. But we'll sell you Carroll first
Khessler I'm giving you plus one just for the batman symbol
Somewhere on FootyTube
Try saying that with one breath
I had a dream last night that the companies removing this content actually realised that using it as a ploy to get more customers to pay for subscriptions was a...
American football would be even better if their players weren't such hogs and actually went for throughballs rather than taking the shot on from thirtyfive yard...
Oh how I wonder when people make calls about money and payrolls and the like without an actual understanding of the foundations on which barcelona and real madr...
Guys don't worry, i put all the sydney fc players in real madrid and beat barca in fifa lol
7 years ago
The EPL teams are very poor at dealing with thrusted passes instigated by second man runs. This is something that many teams have exploited time and time again...
Oh wow, I've watched some A-league in my time and so much has been not so good, but some of the gold coast passing was beautiful, and i'm talking on something t...
That wasnt even a penalty wtf the ball stopped cos the goalie managed to get a hand to it and the player didn't milk it either, it was legitimate and the ref ju...
Mate, you're right that the contact was unnecessary but LOL. Ronaldo both dived and held his face as he went down great player completely unnecessary. Rivaldo s...
I know right, it was an awesome goal by ji-sung, bet if rooney did it theyd no doubt talk about his skill in keeping the shot low lol but remember alan shearer ...
Lololol inzaghi born in the off-side position! so true lol
Mate, how on earth do you quantify a dive? I'd take an exacerbation of a foul rather than going down clutching my face when one hasn't even been touched there a...
Swordz9765, you're attempted defence of Ronaldo is admirable, however, even your evidence barely maintains your facade. Ronaldo was hit in the NECK, not the FA...
Mate if you have firefox look on the mozilla website for firefox addons it is called "video download helper" you can then use it to save the video files of thin...
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