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Cevapi i burek #1
2 years ago
Good lad
Ej cevap sta ima haha
Madrid have been doin well for the last 4 seasons... their only issue is that they play in the same competitions as barca, you know............
Says the guy who cheers for players like di maria and cristiano lol
Messi's got 25 on the season already... that miss didn't mean s**t... torres, though, misses most of the few opportunities he gets
Agree with you St1or... it was quite deceiving today to watch the game without ray's funny comments haha
Marquez lost it... he would've stayed at barca if he still was one of the best, you know.
Friendly game, with 2nd team players... but yeah, they won! lol
Good one for his username hahaha
I like that R1 button thing haha
What bout nasri?
Gotta agree wiv GHOST001: WTF bluebird? hahaha
Hey man utd supporter, you know nani?
Tackle from the back with the second leg comin late just to hurt fabregas's, with no intention to get the ball
The only thing real does like barca is the high pressuring... cz most of their goals come from counter-attacking play and corner follow ups
Messi owns 'em all lads
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