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Adnan Januzaj surely should be on that list
4 years ago
Steve Buscemi
So he jokes that his birth certificate could have been forged? Though I never find similar interpretation
Demichelis is like a Trojan horse sent from La liga. Slow and shaky defender unable for patching DM post either. Bad thing that Pelle has a soft spot for him. H...
Free advertisement for them plus a chance to appear to be CSR. Good PR. Didn't even know who they are and now just google
Don't forget Leeds were better than Chelsea and Newcastle and aimed definitely top 4 those days too although they eventually went into meltdown not after long
They never really cared about pleasing all the players they bought. They always had a surplus of players that could walk into any other team in the world bar ba...
Doesn't look like swastika very much to me. Rather a reference to New Order band which is from Manchester and whose 2 members are known to be United Fans. Very ...
What comes to my mind 1. Job in investment fund buying publicly traded stocks of football clubs. Also some marketing consulting company analysing (including val...
Not wanting to take anything from him but that Polish left-back from Leverkusen is really poor..
Now I got a feeling that Auba will give Lewandowski a deserved run for his money. Who knows maybe he'll take his place in front
Jesus turning in his grave lol
There is actually some Bayern fan-base even in Poland though rather small compared to ManUtd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barca, RM, ACM, Juve and Inter. So I wouldn't be...
6 big clubs generally not selling players to each other (withous few exceptions) is what leads to this situation. Best option not to strenghten local competitio...
Pretty expensive for a 28 years old given the nearly endless supply of quality wingers from Spain. And 24 yo Silva was bought for around the same money.
Philosopher in, musician out. Wonder how it'll work!
Modern managers and some players more and more remind me of cerain women who are trying to motivate man to make a move on them by making them jealous lol
This agent of his Czarek Kucharski is well-known bullshitter in Poland so he is really not to be trusted. Even as a footballer he was loudmouth. He creates all...
What ever happened to you, guys? After that 5 scudettos in row and UCL triumph you have gradually become a sick man of Serie A a la Liverpool in England. Are yo...
Mdcwhntr gave the Amaechi blasts FA homophobia video a rating of 1
Last 10 minutes were really intense. Though they somwhat lost momentum after foul on Bender
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