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That motd pundit is a jerk...Making fun of rosicky and mertesacker on the win? The other guys didn't find it funny because it was rude! Being outdone by gary ne...
Cesc on fire! Alexis played well but Fab4 stole the show. Always great to see Abidal back on the green, the guy is class.
Interesting game. Arsenal seemed to be focused and have the upper hand, Tottenham have two classy playes in 2 minutes & on the up till halftime. Pretty even sec...
Well done to Milan, solid in all aspects for the entire game. Barca were poor and 2-0 might be difficult for them to overturn.
I agree he is scapegoated, particularly as he is one of their only players who tries to commit defenders by dribbling at them.
I agree, they need confidence and consistency. When you win it helps give you that swagger to overcome some fatigue. So much better for morale.
I don't think Wenger needs to go, but Arsenal surely need better defensive training and they need to rethink their tactics. The play is too predictable in their...
Iniesta, what a player. I really think he deserved at least one ballon d'or after taking 2 euros and a wc with spain + all the work with barcelona. Unbelievable...
5 Min English highlights.
6 years ago
Feel bad for APOEL the scoreline was a bit harsh. Let's hope they can get a stunner at the bernabeu and make it more interesting! I was hoping they would win it...
Am not sure if you are joking or trolling, but I was impressed with Ronaldo's vision and passing in this game. Also who gives a f**k if people celebrate or don'...
Also, LOL at people wanting RAFA back after all the s**t I heard about him. C'mon. IMO, they need width and maybe a young playmaker like wijnaldum, hoillett, ...
Stop hating on Henderson. He is still a young player, who is being played out of position. He did well for Sunderland and has shown some potential as well as so...
Good finish to the game. Don't like Tevez very much, but it was a bold move to put him back in, and he played pretty well. The crowd half booed half cheered but...
Only going to be one person that would score on either side. I think EVERYONE saw that coming, just didn't think he would grab 3!
I might be wrong, but it was about Krul time wasting in the very first half. And then after the goal VP said I don't think you'll be time wasting anymore. Which...
Wigan definitely tries to play the right way, they just need some decent cb(s)
Arsenal has been involved in a lot of dramatic games this season. 8-2, 5-3, 4-0, return of henry game winner. Last one was epic. Watching Henry and Scholes come...
Bayer played really well the first leg, but just couldn't handle it today. Nice consolation goal though to say bye to Champs League. Can't say a bad thing about...
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