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Bunch of mercenaries bitches from chelsea. Lucky as usual, probably paid the reff. Sideshow bob should have been sent off, zhirkov should hav been sent off for ...
7 years ago
Did anyone else notice Fabregas at the end of the match fist pump with conviction. Maybe he does like Arsenal after all? Would be a tragic loss to the epl if he...
Did anyone else realise how bad bebe actually is? I think the step up from third division of a weak league to first division of the strongest league is just too...
We Fkn Love Arsenal at the moment. Those rich c***s talk to much, yet they cant produce. THank god.
Tottenham talk and talk about being better than arsenal and catching up all the time. Too bad they cant deliver.... False clubs: Man City and now you can put to...
Barcelona have their way of playing when they spread it wide and ask the wingers to cut inside and make great diagonal runs while Utd play the flicks and tricks...
That ball isnt good enough to play with in the world cup.... I mean its fun if its just you and a friend playing in the park and watching it swerve...but seriou...
Why buy our players? Jealous ur s**t queer players cant perform....
8 years ago
Omg i saw 7-1 and im like WOW LOLOLOLOl
Aahahahaahahahaha one and probably the only barca fan who has ever said that. good on you sir.
True thatt
F'IN LOL! Messi is overrated s**t truck. Make the defenders liek what they are to ronaldo to messi and he would be eaten alive..... so so overrated
Ahahahaha MAN SHITTY.
I cry whenever i look at him play and then look at whos on our wing now :(
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Real madshit. Oh no u guys lost. You gonna buy a whole new 11 now?
Hey what did the commentator say about manchester united, barcelona and real madrid near the end just after higuain scored in 'real time'
Ffs let those goals be nani's. he does it all himself and then they become own goals. just be nice to him wow. sick chip by berbatov to valencia thi
I think arsenal played well except they just suck in the last third and were lucky to score aswell.
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