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What's the point then for Giggsy being understudy to Fergie, Moyes and LVG if he's never going to run his own gig. Some of you keep mentioning Gary Neville fail...
1 day ago
For all the unnecessary negativity I see in this forum I can't effing believe I don't see more outrage and discontent about freaking Mou rumours. Am I the only ...
2 days ago
No pros - Can't stand the fool. He's effing Chelsea as far as I'm concerned and getting him instead of Gigsy feels like a spit in our faces. Only cons. Don't g...
3 days ago
Thanks to memphis depay the lad fcks things everything up with one single touch of the ball.
6 days ago
That's what happens when you pointlessly change a winning formula
I'd bench sluggish Mata.
3 nil lol
1 week ago
Shitty is scared and it shows.
Everybody should know by now we're being used as a sounding board for any rubbish rumour. Ramos last summer, now Neymar, tomorrow this and that... Pay no attent...
Bloody hope not. Would be like eating vomit.
Pogba was victim to SAF's end of career many bad management moves. He showed amazing patience and faith in Man Utd given his obvious talent being wasted - his l...
Wow some ppl really need to get a life... ... Like NOW!
Love the above Gary Neville video coaching his Spanish team during a game. That's the Utd spirit! No effing about with the desire to win. Respected the lad much...
2 weeks ago
I'm getting tired of the LVG flames. Okay the man failed; no point keep kicking him on the ground. He proved he is an antiquated football manager and I am certa...
3 weeks ago
Some of todays little gems... From LouisVanGoal: LvG idea of defenders with ball playing ability...they must play the perfect ball for DDG. From Shiwa: 100%...
1 month ago
It could have been 2 or 3 more goals for us had Rooney not been so selfish. A trait I don't mind occasionally in a striker but systematically, no. I'm not on t...
Same with Thierry Henri - clearly most here weren't born (or into footie lol) when he looked out of sorts in first EPL season. Look what he did to defenses his...
The one thing the coach taught our players is totally lose confidence in themselves. Fck winning or losing; it's about character and this team is too good on pa...
Surely, the challenge of fixing a club like ours must be a huge fantasy playing in Pep's mind. I'm pretty certain he's coming next season. Your scenario having...
Pretty certain Pep is coming here.
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