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3 days ago
What does that even have to do with the Manchester United forum page?! At least let one of our man open a non Man Utd discussion instead of creating your own. O...
It's real life though. There's a thing called boss privileges: nobody said it was fair. You have a new boss and all changes. You can't act entitled because the ...
1 week ago
I'm simply being realistic given the #!%@ Mou situation... I'll say no more on him and his poor man management. Martial had to change his attitude to that of h...
Good grief, Anthony must be in a bad place right now being selected neither for club nor country. I can just picture his agent rubbing his hands a ruthless grin...
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4 weeks ago
Let's congratulate Chelski, close ranks and see what happens now. As far as I'm concerned, today's the first day of the new season. This, is a beautiful blank...
1 month ago
@ Joeymac Like they say in the film Avatar "We blast a crater in their racial memory so deep..." with the previous 20 years utter dominace... we'll be hated wit...
Sanchez reflects his team the same way Morata does his. It's a team game - without others you're not much.
I'm 100% certain his being out of the Utd and French squads isn't about football but attitude. Some talented guys have that knack for pissing others off (to the...
May that be a lesson for him to grow up in terms of attitude. He may not have played much football for X reasons but his behaviour was at best childish when thi...
To most Utd fans, neutrals' opinions matter as much as that of prawn eaters. i.e. ye, they can stuff themselves. and imho mou can do the same.
You don't get it, I don't hate Mou. I hate the fact a person like him runs MUFC. I'd be perfectly fine with his shenanigans if he worked anywhere else.
What's dumb in opinions? please explain in your infinite wisdom, what unit of measurement it is you use to rate how one feels... what's actually dumb mate, is...
He's a fake. each time you see him on tv acting human, the next day he reveals his true colours. and they aren't pretty. they all say he's great cos he won st...
It's quite simple really... would've been a great season with plenty pluses if only mou wasn't such an egotistic c ock. boy i loathe the man...
It's not a question of better scenario but least worst... imo the virus over the scousers any day of the week. silver lining though, if loserpool wins it, i...
Can't believe I'm patting myself on the back for being glad not having watched a Utd game...
@GoonerZain I normally care about loserpool like one does about toilet paper disappearing in a flush once it's fulfilled its duty.
Wow... I'd have never thought so many loserpool fans were that desperate for our recognition. so many have come post here like little girls proudly showing thei...
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