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For all Antoine Griezmann's elegance and skills, I find him light weight and lacking pace as a centre forward to shine in the EPL. That and he's not that strong...
3 weeks ago
Because it's the man utd forum and we joke as we want? even in bad taste?
I don't see much thoughts for Giggsy. Am I not surprised...
1 month ago
Please mods remove that crap ^
Thought of Mou at the helm makes me wanna puke... That's why I never wear the club jersey; so I won't be mistaken with that breed of supporters...
So true
Burn that heretic in boiling oil please...
Am I glad this horror season is over... Seeing Stoke show us how we do it at home sealed it for me. Forget top signings, horny BS philosophy and all that circus...
Memphis is probably watching this crying :/ Only joking :p Poor lad really thought he was gonna rip the EPL apart but instead got stuffed with tons of humble p...
Not much changed there... still utterly disgusted with Utd fotm "fans". How on freaking earth can one vote Mou... prawn eating fakes!
You've just said it yourself: "Why do you need am old man yelling 60 yards away to know you should not give away cheap fouls and you shouldn't lose your mark on...
@ SIF You vastly underestimate how players respond to mental stimuli inspired by the manager. I would bet my house they'd play at a different level were a perso...
I shouldn't have watched the highlights again... So pissed off... Clearly, LVG is tactically inept for crying out loud! The heavens set the stage for a 4th spot...
I agree and share your state of mind mate. I like to think most at the club's helm is on the same wave length too. Dilemma is when shares are involved, damage l...
Not just a troll but a pathetic coward for not showing his true colours and pretending he's one of us.
Lol how childish and classless was that... so lame.
2 months ago
We fail at managerial level - be it on the business or football side. It hurts but that's the simple truth. I wouldn't blame any player - especially not Blind ...
Rooney scores a brace 2nd half, in a 2-3 thriller win for us ! and then I wake up... smh
@Manufan1234 edit that comment man, that's a seriously sick thing to say.
@ SIF maybe raving is too strong a word but i meant giving plaudits to players like herrera, mata, at some point darmian, even felli... the whole squad imho has...
3 months ago
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