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Carrick this, Carrick that... Is everyone here born in the 90s? For a long time he was only a fringe player; his only plus being a C+ Scholes' version vision of...
9 months ago
I don't get it... Ok Antoine Griezmann's a very decent instinctive striker with plenty of footie brains; however imo he lacks pace, physicality and mental stren...
I keep being pleased seeing progress. One nil wins are learned to be earned; they don't come for free. A big a win this for me today that ticks more boxes than ...
10 months ago
@Bazinga LVG didn't get it right for our trio of youngsters, he simply had no choice.
Glad to see my desire to have fosu groomed as a regular and pogba play higher up front proving right. pretty satisfied about the team's overal progress tbh sinc...
The soon return of Shaw, Smalling and Bailly will change the deal big time at the back with our formidable ever reliable Valencia (love the lad). I'd love Fosu ...
Sort of my thought exactly.
Indeed TCC. Haven't any brethren learned any humility in those past 4 seasons? We're rebuilding. We won. Last game 37 attempts at goal. Bye bye back passes, thi...
11 months ago
Hi, you made this post earlier directed at Sergio and Cloudst. "Gtfo with that nazi "we found out you use 2 accounts" crap rofl. Papeer papeer schnell! LMAO......
... Then came that wee fella all smiles, with an honest open heart expressing what they all secretly wished in their dark wretched hearts!... and he gets blaste...
1 year ago
Hear hear ^
Makes me puke all over this generation players; even the remnant of the old guard. Park, Keano, Solskjaer, Irwin, Brucey, Becks... to name a few. Makes you wond...
Done as a footballer? not really. But done spearheading man utd's attack, IMO most definitely.
I feel for him tbh. I just wish he'd call it a day with dignity.
NOOOoooo (echo)
Sounds good ^ except that we're vulnerable in the midfield with that setup. IMO add a DM to cover the back 4 alongside Herrera at the expense of Mata.
Edit - fk that. I'm way too angry about the team atm. No point rant here, brings nothing to the table
What Sergio says ^
See what I was saying about Rooney yesterday? ... Wasn't I right?
Why not. I'm not being ungrateful; I am a realist. OFC I appreciate what he's done for the club but TBH he's been holding fa together and regressing imho those ...
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