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Only 4 years since SAF and never been in the wildernes, 2nd at the top of europe's toughest league, only 10 points behind shitty, shed loads of games to play, a...
@erfaneri. I believe everything I put in the world has an impact, and I never presume of how big that impact will be. Cos once it's done, what happens / who hea...
4 days ago
@joeymac well said man.
Even u and i go thru phases sometimes we can't find the skills or heart to do the simple things... like the freakin washing up or clean up the daim place. it's ...
That's why mou protects rashford and martial never presenting them as top strikers; so fotm phoneys don't spill sour cum on em every time they miss chances. and...
Mine was same as joeymac's - no point double tap ^^
1 week ago
GG bayern ! no sarcasm - I mean it.
Aye I feel players have been slowly prepped to understand how to go "cautiously gun ho". also, watching the highlights and thinking pogba's absence might be sh...
Glad mou played to win. that should silence the cynics for a while - those who recently presumed he was gonna play a B team and/or park the bus. thoroughly...
Aye mate - that excellent "new signing" feel good factor u get from absentees.
Mou must play to win and show the opponent respect. gj he doesn't read these forums and knows better (or so I hope). imo winning is an important factor for us....
Nothing irrational calling you a w anker. now piss off.
I'm ever so pleased for Lingard. Had my doubts when he got selected over others I personally saw superior players but boy am I glad he's proved me wrong. Ordi...
I love good banter but honestly I found FootballisCity's comments so lame, I couldn't help but see a tard standing in a middle of a public place, trousers on hi...
But what is this continual nonsensical river of tears "if we didn't have such and such blah blah" NO team is exempt from relying on their good players - with t...
Herrera shone in a lethargic team but with half decent players around he's actually below average imo.
That's exactly it - the sort of selective appreciation of certain players and crucifixion of others. They all go thru bad spells - how about cut some slack to t...
2 weeks ago
I'm a big fan. Intelligent player, no starlette attitude, zero confidence issue, searing pace, can cross, can hold the ball, English... And can score in the E...
The lad's worked his arse off to get where he's at and imo on account of what he's produced incl in his Utd short career, he fully deserves his spot. Ofc there'...
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