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Mark goldbridge isn't my hero, he's just a real man utd fan not rolling with just any crap so long as we win... he's bias and red to a fault - my kind. the typ...
6 days ago
Https:// to those seriously lacking a healthy perspective
1 week ago
@joeymac you not seeing something doesn't mean it's not out there. either you're being disingenuous or you desperately need to exit tunnel vision.
Don't be ridiculous. I would rather we beat Shitty ofc but I'm not gonna spin that Juve win which is in the normal order of things into that phoney media reviva...
We're mostly awful most of the time, or utter crap. But we got a lucky result and all of a sudden all is fine. Oh really? I'll wait for the Sunday game vs Shitt...
Re Pep's 26th Oct presser. Such a striking contrast between his drama free no fuss pragmatic approach and ours. That's how you eliminate unnecessary polemics an...
2 weeks ago
Those misses walk hand in hand with lack of confidence. let us put a string of wins together and those will be put away nps.
3 weeks ago
How hard was it to play to win, field your flair on form players, rest the non performing ones like Lustatue (who was tragically static today). A good job by th...
Because he's after all a huge investment; and you don't chuck hundreds of millions away on a whim. Until now, Mou had his track record working as a powerful war...
I can feel Mou's angst in that latest presser. The man's lost at sea without a paddle, sharks are circling closer and he's throwing all sort of nonsense stuff o...
Football was a very different beast not so long ago and even more so compared to the Porto era. Now Mou's lost at sea without a paddle; can't strategise on and ...
^ 20/20 vision
Great weekend (sort of) but curb your enthusiasm guys; I fear as always the penny hasn't dropped and the man still hasn't seen the light and realised we're good...
4 weeks ago
Nothing wrong with Conte indeed.
@Yaldho Bottom line you insulted me for free and still haven't apologised. I just put you in your place. The rest is all blah blah from you trying to drown a fi...
^ hahaha ;D
I agree. was about to flame him but refrained. glad I'm not alone to feel that way.
@yaldo spare me the insult. or at least have the balls to do it outright. poor hypocritical bastard. see? that was simple and in your face. now fck off.
That's what you get for being negative. Change martial attacking for that pseudo defensive shite. Bravo again Mou smh
Smh... there was a time players had class and would speak with reserve ahead of a big clash.
1 month ago
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