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Giroud makes it look easy. Strong, can hold the ball, run behind defenders, head the ball... I'd love to have him at ManUtd any day of the week. Imho one the m...
1 month ago
Belated fat congrats on that most excellent performance guys. ps; I guess the Wenger haters wont sack him for another week or so then xD
I cannot believe what I'm reading... Memphis is only a kid! At his age the lad showed incredible bravery leaving his comfort zone to put himself on the line in...
Wow, so refreshing to hear Klopp talk. The guy's narrative is such quality... he makes his predecessors look like pathetic trolls. Oh were they? nvm. I have to ...
Lol I wish we had keano! :p Keep those knickers on tho mate; this is just a chat, not a matter of life or death. Big deal about Herrera. We had Perreira who imo...
Now we'll see whether LVG shows consistency in his "Play bad = out" philosophy. In that light Rooney + Carrick = Defo out, Valencia jury still out. Blind had a ...
I'm liking our defense more and more TBH (the Valencia thing yesterday was an anomaly). Very unlucky just as Shaw was starting to show his class; but in fairnes...
@ Cjaystacks spot on mate. Sadly... We can only hope the old him gets outraged being rubbished and comes back with a vengeance. I'd love more goals from him OF...
Aye. Young's showing the maturity and pragmatism Memphis hasn't yet developed in his young age but good thing is that's where LVG excels at: shaping "young" pla...
Yeah, just as I was gonna rage "where's our freaking midfield!" we scored :p Schweini or Herrera are needed to hold and distribute.
I'm loving watching Memphis, Martial and Perreira walking back from scoring together. The future looks bright ! xD I'm a big Perreira fan, the lad's so confiden...
2 months ago
Poor Chicha, he looks a shadow of his old self at Bayer Leverkusen. Hope he picks himself up quick and enjoys his footie. As for us, wow! Like Gary said on S...
Leg looks defo broken ffs I feel for Shaw. But the defender got the ball...
Stating the obvious ofc that immensely sucks but just as obvious this kinda s**t happens. Let's move on there's a game to win.
Great spirit PSV fans clapping for Shaw
Yes baby
I think it may be a good thing Rooney's not playing today - with a game of that magnitude (mind u they all matter the same really) that should give us a pretty ...
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