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18 hours ago
@Joeymac Exactly.
I'll say it one last time; regardless of the position we need at least ONE player with positive mental attitude to spread the contagion within the squad. Don't...
22 hours ago
#He scores goals Scholes, he scores goals, he scores goals Scholes, he scores goals, he scores goals Scholes, he scores goals, Paul Scholes, he scores goals# I...
1 week ago
YES. We need a man in the dressing room; a Cantona effect who plays with no fear, inspiration and total self worth awareness. Most our players need to come of a...
I say throw caution to the wind and play 3 up front (à la Barca) with Mata, Rooney and Memphis. We're pretty well covered everywhere else IMO - although I'm e...
Actually now he's probably looking twice at the current buys thinking "s**t, this side's looking sexy". I'm not so sure any longer he's that moronic to be hen p...
2 weeks ago
Please, not Benzema!
2 months ago
@MUFC1990 Yep mate, absolutely! #Yep Jap Stam is a big Dutch man, get past him if you fck'n can - try a lil' trick he'll make you look a dick, yep jap, Jap Stam...
Dunno why I saw Jones... Yeah granted, Evans is a huge disappointment. The fault lies with the direction of our club for not getting rid of him sooner IMHO; not...
It's their childhood dream - they're Spanish, Madrid is their capital city. What more needs to be said?... As for his GF, IMO she looks everything like the op...
It saddens me to always leave our forum a little disgusted the way some so called fans treat our players. By the sound of it it seems most haven't supported thi...
Everything's screaming he's obviously out. What more could he want?... Fans love him, he's being offered a huge pile of cash and he's still stalling... TYVM to ...
@ Ldinho You're right matey, IDC what makes you cry and rage. Me, I love this team. Unlike you, I wont kick it in the face when it's down and hurting. Go knock...
@Xgooner Guess you weren't an Arsenal fan yet when Thierry Henry struggled his first season at Arsenal then killed it the next.
TBH I'm watching the G Bale "hate campaign" closely and hoping... We could seriously do with him at ManUtd :D
4 months ago
Maybe Moyes can eventually get a job there so they all commit suicide and we hear no more of those pampered spoiled brats for good?
Trop triché le pénalti mais justice fut faite !
Dafuq is wrong with you people... That reminds me of how people used to parrot Andy Cole couldn't finish goals... Muppets! Why all the bad ink on Bony? Perform...
Utd is a different case altogether; we had consistency winning or raking high under SAF, Moyes was an anomaly; a cyst that had to go. City on the other hand are...
Typical gold digger wag material that lass. She literally holds De Gea by the family jewels. Poor lad xD
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