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No offence and credit to Wolves but we have more than enough quality to nullify and see them off. Yes now teams know they can get a result against us but the bo...
19 hours ago
Felt a bit sorry for Martial warming the bench vs Watford then watched a documentary of France winning the WC and the vibe was so lit within their camp in contr...
6 days ago
Yeah, Tree puts it in the path of Deeney... then poor ball retention, shitty or predictable passing and zero composure.
1 week ago
My thought exactly.
There you have it... We don't have inherently truly bad players - they just seem not to fit in any system with one another.
Yep Yaldho, very sound point. Spending parity just isn't there any longer. In fairness though, considering your point we've done relatively good in terms value ...
The lad's hugely talented but far from the finished article; especially intellectually. I'd hate to see him believe in the BS praise ppl lavish him with. Now's...
2 weeks ago
Smoke and mirrors. Mou’s plight has nothing to do with transfers. He spent obscene tons of cash. Besides, we have a very decent team; maybe not one to win the...
1 month ago
@ Wenrooney exactemendo. it's that simple. @ Joeymac yes absolutely. at this level it's a mind game. all in the head! players need to be babied; it's a well k...
No; players haven't all of a sudden forgotten how to pass the ball. ever heard of the saying "leading by example"? it's obviously principally mou's fault. he'...
All that bad press is a good thing imho. It's after all painting an accurate dire portrait of Man Utd. It's so bleak that now our players AND manager have no ch...
He's done all the work, produced something epic and none of them has the brain to realise this is HIS moment. nobody runs to him to include him in the celebrati...
To me, Pogba spoke clearly by omission. If Mou doesn't get his drift, then he's definitely overrated as a manager given how clueless he is in the interaction d...
Bailly was a powerhouse today. His no nonsense streak was shining bright. Love that kind of gun ho mentality from defenders.
Alexis is every bit a Utd player for his no fear attitude, relentless desire and respectable demeanour all over. saying "if not for..." is the oldest BS in the...
So we highly value zlatan's contribution, an attacker at 35 but not that of a defender's equally good in his role at 32... smh the selectiveness is strong in th...
@Bazinga @Wenrooney spot on.
Hardly something to brag about? kindly please grow brains lol. we brag about what we want here :D
Ye, Utd defo put him out on display for sale in pre season. I liked the lad; he looked strong with a good football brain. a true squad player and consummate pro...
Shame that "win at all cost" sell-out mentality has become Utd new credo. I'm not a hater really; TBH I don't care one bit about Mou when he's elsewhere and no...
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