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This is where I loved Cantona for living in a terrace house. He didn't need the pomp to feel any happier when he already had all one can get with cash. What a b...
1 month ago
#Paul Scholes, he scores goaaaals#
@MUFC1990 Whether you have some or none of it that changes nothing to my honest humble opinion. Like I said, I never slagged the lad off under or after Moyes, n...
I hate to slam our players, kept silent during last season when he took lots of flack, went along with LVG's 1st 11 selections til the Soton game but now enough...
A shitty wins looks so commendable when you win every week, doesn't it... I'm reading some comments and I'm like "blimey what a bunch of crying violets!" Why su...
2 months ago
Wow .. Sanchez tormented Sunderland. Great signing for the Gooners. di Maria for us and now Sanchez having a walk in the park in the EPL. I knew Spanish midfiel...
3 months ago
Height has never been an issue - remember Evra... I'd rather Shaw - more natural EPL player, that's his natural position and he's got a point to make vs Chelse...
Oh no we don't need bullies. We simply need the kids to learn and man up. We've got a wonderful collection of individuals most of which need to learn what the E...
4 months ago
He's a Manchester lad, a product of our academy, he's only 20 and given how solid he's been considering he's got near no experience on the big stage, I'd say he...
@ MU4E1999 I spoke about the weather, but you should have understood I was really talking about personalities. Raul is a selfless squad player, a hard working ...
So much as I'd love this to happen and for what it's worth, I reckon Ronaldo will never come back to Old Trafford. He's a lot more mature and astute public rel...
U gotta love footie fans - ultimate drama queens lol. it's only been like 4 games? and they're already writing this season's story last page "And they lived for...
Quel bourin benzema
Why buy tons? We've bought were it was needed and our "home grown" players have equated themselves quite solidly so far. Imo we had a solid enough squad last se...
5 months ago
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6 months ago
If only we could get another Cole-Yorke chemistry up front and Scholesey-Keano in the midfield... Oh was I thinking aloud? :D
Awesome football vs Germany. Could've gone either way. Keep at it!
7 months ago
What pleased me the most we played without fear. Now that we've confirmed that to ourselves, I have a feeling this team has heck of a lot more to offer. If we ...
“Do ya' feel lucky, punk?” ― Clint Eastwood Only kidding. Truth is, funny how those who try harder are luckier...
Can't complain about the overall display but let's face it, France hasn't yet seen a real test. Imho it was more a matter of the Swiss crumbling by themselves t...
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Breaks your heart - why don't we always play with the venom we've showed since the 65th ish minute? ... Baffles me :/
Maxmaxima just became a Fan of France
8 months ago
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