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I don't recall SAF ever slagging Nani off. As for Beckham, Keane and Stam, by getting rid of them what SAF did was actually promote the collective even to the ...
4 days ago
Let me put this a different way and ask you... If a member of your family did well in his / her field but was a complete disgrace of a prima donna fckn up roy...
Thing is, that "neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail..." speech was a powerful perfect message for this soft Utd side. It was just grossly inappropriate ...
5 days ago
We have a saying in business: "you're only as good as your last order". i.e. the one you're processing now; not your latest.
Edit - maybe I hate Mou a tad too much :D Just hope the idiot knocks his head, becomes amnesiac, forgets the current ego tripping fool he is and develops qual...
Mou didn't beat us twice, he did it 3 times with that own goal comment. That presser wasn't to show how he loves football, but to attempt a save in hindsight. ...
6 days ago
Any marginally more clinical team would've crucified us 4 - 1 by the 70th minute... We hardly saw any of the effing ball at HOME! I even got jelly of Brighton a...
Jose's a clown. There, I feel better now :D ps: might come back state the obvious.
1 week ago
I disagree mate; I've never seen Mou shield his players from the flack. I know managers are only human and make mistakes but I've seen him misuse and dis more t...
And that is why I was adamant Mou wasn't right for Utd when almost everyone here were singing his praises when he got signed. He's not selfless like great mana...
What MU2017 says.
3 weeks ago
My point exactly Joeymac.
Our formation was out of character for Mou, and like you rightly point out so was our attitude. I think the former has a huge effect on the latter and it's that...
You have it right there: our boys want to attack. But Mou's a blind self absorbed stubborn simpleton in the scope of great managers. After briefly seeing the l...
He was so good at Juve because they kept him on his toes never allowing him to think he was a star player. every game he felt he had to earn that right.
1 month ago
Missed the whole thing until the goal - did he play Pogba as a DM to the right of Matic?
Oh well nvm, they all drew and we won. win win!
Is she drunk lol or just thinks inherently stupidly... We're glad for Mkhi! Wait... lemme write it in caps maybe she's got vision problems. WE'RE GLAD FOR MK...
@DaniPak Okay, you're welcome, now run along little girl :D
That confirms what I always said about fkn Mou. any other EVEN half decent manager would have this gorgeous team tic, enjoy its footie and effing WIN. they alm...
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