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Lol how childish and classless was that... so lame.
1 week ago
We fail at managerial level - be it on the business or football side. It hurts but that's the simple truth. I wouldn't blame any player - especially not Blind ...
3 weeks ago
Rooney scores a brace 2nd half, in a 2-3 thriller win for us ! and then I wake up... smh
@Manufan1234 edit that comment man, that's a seriously sick thing to say.
1 month ago
@ SIF maybe raving is too strong a word but i meant giving plaudits to players like herrera, mata, at some point darmian, even felli... the whole squad imho has...
I often read people raving about several players in our squad, but personally i find most ordinary or at best just above average. i was gonna name em but on 2n...
That cross from becks... absolute confidence scholesy would score. another class all together...
To my disgust and anger i remember most ppl incl our fans getting on the back of andy cole for missing the odd chance - yet the guy was one of the most prolific...
No wonder they have a huge following in the US, perfect zero to hero Hollywood story with extra cheese on top... very american tbh. imo tho, they will shock us...
Was thinking just that - we got done on that transfer too it seems. but then again the manager's selections were so weird... he hardly played him when he was fi...
Feels like being forced to share the same bed with the village hated syphilitic homeless twat. no ty, i'd rather slip on the cold floor til i can afford my own ...
Pretty pls jinx mou ! happy birthday mate xD
As far as i'm concerned this season's over - anything coming our way would be a bonus; especially: LVG early departure to the benefit of Giggsy, Mou official re...
Bar a few overrated players, i don't agree. i really think we have a good crop of players - and a good mix of experience to lead. imo the real problem is twofol...
Not fair turning against Mata. tbh i haven't seen anyone in a while showing outstanding consistency. i can point out a few tho who should be offloaded unless th...
We're as good as fcked. watch pool play LVGvintage possession now
They kept probing and probing and pro... until we broke on that weak wide open right side. well played tbh. only ourselves to blame. fck lvg with his inept sele...
Story of our season mate...
That's the difference in class between a Mata and a Muller...
Smh :/
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