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Have you ever heard them talk in interviews? They're the hidden force within Paul Pogba. They are articulate, positive and you can tell love their younger broth...
2 days ago
@yLongliveunited1 You are absolutely correct mate, most of us here think the same. He's an outstanding defender or defensive midfielder - just not a very fast ...
3 years later... Manchester United buys Blackett back for a record £120 M Only kidding xD Sincere best wishes to the lad - may he make us proud like Wellbe...
I'm on the fence for Jones. To me he comes across as genuinely hard working and yes prone to injury. Shame, IMO the lad has clear qualities but I guess he's pro...
The Pogba Bros lol. Awesome to see how happy that kid is. That is testimony to all the badmouthers quick to judge books by their covers: Here is a happy, health...
I'd rather a million times Rashford to Griezman
4 days ago
@Tomikato you're a genuine nice guy but please do not forget you are a guest here mate. Curb your criticisms and even refrain all together when it creates frict...
6 days ago
77 mins Burnley 2 - 0 Loserpool Go on Burnley Oooh thing of beauty !!!
What I failed to express clearly is the fact LVG and Moyes had no clue about the real issue at UTD whereas Mou immediately identified them: confidence and press...
IMO it's way too early to get carried away, however we definitely have many a case to celebrate. LVG must be sitting in front of his telly in baffled pondering ...
B ollocks. People change and like it or not, often for the better. Fresh new relations and contexts often inspire the same person to transcend him/herself into ...
1 week ago
Hate? Where? Who from? I guess I must be too interested in my own team and not at all in others to have missed that xD
2 weeks ago
More amazement at the copy / paste police... WTF is wrong with you ppl flaming Felli !? Even his hairdo has improved ! Nah seriously, yes it's true he's not th...
Yes ^ olol !
Can't believe what i'm reading... are you really debating the intrinsic value of hashtags?! for real?! not sure if i should laugh or feel sorry - ok i'll lmao a...
I'm amazed at those half baked psycho analysis of Wenger. When will the penny finally drop and people get that he simply doesn't care! What's wrong with being t...
Everyone plays with the reserves! Our reserves are our future! Since when is it a disgrace to partake with the younger promising generation. We've had some pret...
3 weeks ago
@Tomikato I just find the timing of his miraculous recovery a tad suspect even tho it' may well be perfectly legitimate. One way or another playing him with the...
+1 #Yep Jaap Stam is a big Dutch man get past him if u fckn can try a little trick he'll make u look a dick yep Jaap, Jaap Stam!#
This is actually news to me (I took a step back from footie gossips) but all together not bad news at all tbh. Here's my take on this... Legend or not IMHO Sch...
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