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Why buy tons? We've bought were it was needed and our "home grown" players have equated themselves quite solidly so far. Imo we had a solid enough squad last se...
5 days ago
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1 month ago
If only we could get another Cole-Yorke chemistry up front and Scholesey-Keano in the midfield... Oh was I thinking aloud? :D
Awesome football vs Germany. Could've gone either way. Keep at it!
What pleased me the most we played without fear. Now that we've confirmed that to ourselves, I have a feeling this team has heck of a lot more to offer. If we ...
“Do ya' feel lucky, punk?” ― Clint Eastwood Only kidding. Truth is, funny how those who try harder are luckier...
Can't complain about the overall display but let's face it, France hasn't yet seen a real test. Imho it was more a matter of the Swiss crumbling by themselves t...
Maxmaxima just became a Fan of England
2 months ago
Breaks your heart - why don't we always play with the venom we've showed since the 65th ish minute? ... Baffles me :/
Brilliant commentary from Garry Neville; makes you proud to have such club ambassador
Time to stop spitting in the soup ppl - bitching is getting old already. Rooney this, Hodgson that... I'd rather a million times see England play like they did ...
It's not that Spain played badly at all - more like the Dutch had the immense credit to believe more. Overall, imho both sides showed more frailties than anythi...
I'd turn the page on Pogba. Makes you cringe how we fumbled that one. The way we ignored such a talented youngster we should have instead protected and nurtured...
Maxmaxima just became a Fan of France
Indeed Cesc is a CM. My personal opinion though - although I hugely respect the lad, despite a wealth of experience, at 27 for that sort of money (30m), he doe...
+1 great respect for the man. in my book the highest quality rivalry over the years - games at Highbury were things of legend. glad they're back to being a sol...
3 months ago
Imho, a legend is a player who's main attribute is to be unique - something (or several things) that set him apart from the rest. Patrice Evra fits that catego...
Lol I knew it! You meannie
Okay good. Interlude's over. Can't wait to see our boys back to playing footie again. It's pay back time people.
Well, I blame him for everything. I have no qualms with that. Those are his tactics after all, but more importantly and in my own opinion, what many fail to re...
4 months ago
I guess we all agree
Nah. Not a chance. All I'm interested in now is the aftermath of the Bayern game. I wanna see how / if Moyes galvanises his troops to finish on par with imho o...
Depends what you want from her. If you really like her then hang out together and enjoy her company because you would regardless of dating her or not. And trut...
9 months ago
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