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I feel for him tbh. I just wish he'd call it a day with dignity.
1 hour ago
NOOOoooo (echo)
Sounds good ^ except that we're vulnerable in the midfield with that setup. IMO add a DM to cover the back 4 alongside Herrera at the expense of Mata.
13 hours ago
Edit - fk that. I'm way too angry about the team atm. No point rant here, brings nothing to the table
What Sergio says ^
4 days ago
See what I was saying about Rooney yesterday? ... Wasn't I right?
6 days ago
Why not. I'm not being ungrateful; I am a realist. OFC I appreciate what he's done for the club but TBH he's been holding fa together and regressing imho those ...
1 week ago
Talk of double standards... When I recall the absolute unfair stick Andy Cole took back in the day when the whole of England was having a go at him for missing ...
Nah not me. I think he came across very astute demonstrating an excellent grasp of high level sport psychology management. I made my peace with the fact he's no...
2 weeks ago
I see people love to talk tactics and point at players but IMO Mou gets it spot on again showing his real quality by identifying mental frailties the real culp...
Mou was extremely careful to say Bastian playing is very unlikely - he never said never. Once more I fail to see the biggie; he did fa for us all season then r...
3 weeks ago
Was wondering... what's the vibe now about my man Giroud? I recall he went thru a tough patch with you lads sort of recently. Personally I'm a huge fan of that ...
A thing of beauty indeed; pure Tolkien-esque style lol
1 month ago
Have you ever heard them talk in interviews? They're the hidden force within Paul Pogba. They are articulate, positive and you can tell love their younger broth...
@yLongliveunited1 You are absolutely correct mate, most of us here think the same. He's an outstanding defender or defensive midfielder - just not a very fast ...
3 years later... Manchester United buys Blackett back for a record £120 M Only kidding xD Sincere best wishes to the lad - may he make us proud like Wellbe...
I'm on the fence for Jones. To me he comes across as genuinely hard working and yes prone to injury. Shame, IMO the lad has clear qualities but I guess he's pro...
The Pogba Bros lol. Awesome to see how happy that kid is. That is testimony to all the badmouthers quick to judge books by their covers: Here is a happy, health...
I'd rather a million times Rashford to Griezman
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