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Great job Messiah
What a FK by messi
Huntelaar with an absolute cracker of a goal. What a beauty!
The Messiah is back
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Lewy PK getting predictable. just from his positioning and his approach to the ball i knew he was shooting left side both times. good Win anyway
Youre either blind or stupid. Abate was stupid to do what he did there. PENALTY indeed and I'm not even a Barca fan. But that WAS a penalty.
Ronaldo' supporting cast is one of the best as well
Di Maria killlllled it
Great game BVB. Lewandowski could have had 3 goals. Lots of luck on Marseille behalf.
Ya no kidding. this guy blows and has his entire career.... Poland have better youth strikers than this guy. The NT coach Fornalik really isn't so bright anyway...
Agreed indeed. Gotze is a great player but he was hardly there for Dortmund when they won the Bundesliga back to back, I think.. IF my memory serves me correctl...
I love watching Celtic. I've alawys supported them since my child hood days when I didn't know of any clubs just NT. My best friend was a celtic fan so i became...
It's the start of the season... lewandowski and the team usually come off to a slow start. Refer to last season... at least they won every match thus far. theyr...
Cheeky lewandowski goal
I find it silly with people blaming Messi for guys struggles like Villa and Ibra. WHen Eto'o and Henry were there they did not struggle. Both strikers were clut...
That's spanish soccer for you, not just Barca. See the Spain NT.
In what way are barca back? they always score a ton of goals in la liga. which is why la liga is very poor in quality outside of barca and madrid.
Wasn't a very exciting game from dortmund to be honest, or Eintracht did a fantastic job stacking the box and defending. But a win is a win. no matter how ugly...
Looked like good game, obviously. Fabregas was MOTM to me.
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