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Bloodbrothers (Cesar)
I eat food
I'm a college student in USA studying Mechanical Engineering. I played for a year and a half on the University's soccer team, i usually play striker or wing. Now i play intramural ...
BruscoACM (Chris Brewksy) from Woodbridge, Toronto, Canada
Armed Lions! We are marching We are the Lion's cave the lions, lions, lions, lions We are the lion's cave Blood! Violence! The Lion's cave! Milan! Milan! Milan!
Chicarito (Chicarito Hernandez)
Chriskelly (Chris Kelly) from Legan, Ireland
Worked in the airforce, a jail in Maidstone, has two daughters a wife and and six grandchildren. living in Legan county Longford Ireland
Hey guys,my name is Bryan and a true red devil.I am a red devil,forever a red devil.Started supporting United around 6.Gonna keep it cool and simple.When you post on my wall,I woul ...
Craxy (Iwan Griffith Blake) from Bristol, UK
DanielxRed (Daniel Mustapha) from Adelaide, Australia
I'm Daniel, Love football and my team Manchester United, I go for them because most of my family was born in Manchester and are life-long United fans it has been in the family sinc ...
DavidUnited30 (David Brooklands)
Hi im a Manchester united fan, i have a ps3 and I play fifa games regularly.
Derby22 (Ben Connolly) from Derby, England
My name is Ben, I'm nine and probably the second youngest person on footytube, 18 months before my younger brother, Liverpoolsam7. His name is Sam, and I've got another brother on ...
Dgrant117 (Darren Grant) United States
University student in the USA studying Criminal Justice, currently a fourth year student. Been a United supporter since I was 12 years old, the first match that drew me in, was ...
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