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Mauijim updated their profile
2 weeks ago
1 nil UNITED! OK. Maybe that is hope rather than belief.
Typically they also keep a high line. Do we have the speed to win the counter?
Can't wait to see Büttner get in Robben's face for falling down. Come on United!
Recent ESPN article: players are said to be disgr...
3 weeks ago
Gotta play with more pace. The lazy pass has created way too much pressure on ourselves. And City are beating us to nearly every ball.
And Shinji as well. May they force their greatness upon the doubters!
K A G A W A !!!!!!
You gave me six years!
1 month ago
Giroud gives his new Mez water pistol a squeeze.
Alliance poster family
Don't know whether to play off the donkey or the monkey on his back....let's go with; Hee haw hee haw he halways wants more bananas.
The fear of our own team playing like shiite scares me more than coming up against any one of those teams.
May the Holy Saints intervene and lift the footballing Saints to glory on this blessed day. I'm looking for Shaw to rob pool of points.
Http:// Well if we can't laugh at ourselves.....
Mata will stay. Rooney will leave after World Cup.
2 months ago
Agree their defensive contributions are to be considered. But would they score enough goals to win the match. If nothing else, it would be a great bit of foot...
Even SAF said he doesn't listen. He does what he wants
Tevez >> City
5 months ago
8 months ago
Mauijim just Watched
Limon WEB
11 months ago
1 year ago
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