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Rio! You like butter with that toast? Schooled!
5 days ago
I am really impressed with D. Blind. I don't think he has made a bad pass yet. His technical skill is way above Rojo from what I've seen today.
Quite exciting match going on in Leverkusen. 3-2 over Bremen with 15 left
1 week ago
It's his head that needs the adjustment. I'm not sure he has the mental capacity to succeed in the middle.
Enter Kagawa.
A shame really. Welbz is a Manc. This says volumes on the state of the club and how the Busby/MUFC philosophy has sold its sole. F#ck the gazers and their boy w...
2 weeks ago
The ball or the man. never both.
3 weeks ago
Get ready lads. Its almost time for the vintage Man United come back. Come on United!
Now we can focus solely on the league then, right? Very disappointing.
Did Fergie take his hair dryer with him?
Why isnt LvG on the touchline screaming his head off? Where is the hair dryer?
Way to many give a ways across the board. Yet when someone gets the ball everyone seems to run away.? There is no compression as we move forward. Quite disapp...
That is a good point Stet but it was also a different climate than ten years ago. I just don't see Woodward having the stones to deal with this market properly....
Lets say Woodward miraculously signs Di Maria and Vidal and maybe even Benatia, it would likely be considered a success by most. But I am still in the belief h...
Thank you for the invite Patrick. Glory Glory Man United. Cheers
1 month ago
Alright mate ive started a new Facebook group for proven United supporters only its called UNITED ONLY your welcome anytime mate,greetings Patrick aka redsince6...
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4 months ago
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Given the current market, I cannot see a solid long term option for manager, with the exception of Giggsy of course. van Gaal might be a good short term appoint...
I will remember this historical time as the time Manchester United Football Club matured wholeheartedly into Manchester United Football Company, and the modern ...
Haha. nice one
5 months ago
7 months ago
10 months ago
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