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Nasri moved to a better team or he thought so at least, yet he finds himself on the losing side still paying against man U. hahahahahahahah
6 years ago
Giggs you magnificent bastard!!!
UkraineUkraineUkraineUkraineUkraineUkraineUkraineUkraineUkraineUkraine hollyyy shiitttttttt!!!!!!!!!
Messi messi messi.. what a fckin beast
If you try 13 times and youre denied every single attempt, no matter how close you get each time if you cant finish or deliver basically friggin SCORE.. you pl...
Wooooooooooohooooooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa f**k yeaaaaa!!!!! the weak resisted a defeat
City killed it but what a goal from fletcher!!!!!
Gomis is slow, so slow!! stop smokin weed you cheeky bastard
Nice goals by the strikers and great team play.. talking about spain of course but i have to say, their defense wasn't as tight as it should've been and they pl...
Higuain is a beast, benzema needs to sit out for a while till he learns to appreciate what it means to play for realmadrid as a striker!!!!!
That goalie couldnt even keep out a pass toward his direction let alone a shot!
What a game by tottenham, well played lads.. good job
This was a great game, wtf is up with people voting this as an average?? seriously, are yall high or someshit?? lmao
"after the red card, it was an even match" hahahha c'mon mate
This is so fckin borin!!! americans suck so bad its not even funny
Still cant beat barca tho lmao
Benzema seems kinda out of shape to me.. anyone?
I was gonna say never but that is a good answer also
Hopefully mate go gunners
That never happens to me mate
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