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Cashley is a c*nt. Other than that, I agree.
6 years ago
God, I hate that bunch of greedy mercenaries.
72% actually. Check UEFA official site or Eurosport (who previously had it wrong)
Torres's goal is so funny, no one around him. Anyhow: there must be some wicked "magnets" in the Chelsea goal posts nowadays. In the last week there were 3 shot...
If there's contact, it's not a dive. Even though Young went down very easily and theatrically, Derry's hand was on his back. Nevertheless a ridiculous decision....
Too bad I live on my own, but when I get home from my lectures, there's going to be warm food waiting for me made by my girlfriend. Don't you worry about me, ma...
ManU were lucky. Yes, they had their chances, but the 2 that counted most were very fortunate. Their goal was the result of Riise's mistake and the not-penalty ...
Just watched it on Dailymotion.
They must have some good pills down at that medical centre!
Lately, I'm more excited by Koscielny's and Vermaelen's runs than I am with Walcott's or Arshavin's. Chambo was great, it's a pity he was substituted. And anot...
Yeah, but we need more players than just The Ox, but Wenger is too frugal to spend big on quality and instead buys youngsters who don't last the 90 minutes and ...
Walcott, who has run all over you and scored like 3 goals against you, is s**t? He's just having a dip in form, unfortunately, but he is still pretty young. Ram...
We were the first team to score more than once at the Liberty Stadium this season and we were still beaten. It's just impossible to play consistently with a con...
Are you serious? ManU's second and third goal became largely thanks to City being 1 man down and with a makeshift defence without their captain. And City still ...
I'm not arguing whether or not it was a red card, but if you look closely at the tackle, he won the ball with the side of his foot not his studs. So it's unders...
On an average day I would've been really pissed at ManU's luck once again, but since it was against Man City, then all is well :)
What a game! If only I'd watched it instead of playing FIFA...
I hope getting yellow cards for very weird reasons won't get to be a habit for RvP (first Barca, now this). I'm amazed at how many people voted Arsenal great, ...
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