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Matozil10 gave the Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City video a rating of 1
The reason why the people are against Bendtner is because his attitude. Yes, Ramsey had a tough period after his injury but you could see he give 100% on the pi...
Spurs 0-1 krul
Maybe the dortmund game affected the players as they look a bit tired.Absence of mertesacker and rosicky didn't help either.Anyway cagey and tight game but man ...
If west brom doesn't count, then we shouldn't count man utd either. Write off teams like west brom at your peril, anybody can beat anybody this season and if an...
Gutted about the lost, but to be fair Chelsea has the advantage to field strong 2nd team, well if you rate them as the 2nd team.Both match that we lost (BVB,che...
@mattjosh Lol,dominated Arsenal over the last 10 years ? I didn't see it in 2003/2004
Yeah, like De Gea would have at least tried to save United's season.
You can say the deflection was lucky but that's the reward when you try so hard to find the equaliser. Without the player effort to shoot , the deflection can't...
Positive display by Arsenal,defensively far more convincing.You have to give credits to Begovic and Huth,the reasons why we couldn't score more. I see nothing ...
5 years ago
Lol,arabic commentry never dissapoints.Podolski best performance in arsenal shirt in my opinion,what a goal he scored and love the cheeky finish by santi. p/s:...
It's good to see the lads were up for it,even after Newcastle make it 3-3 ,they kept going for the winner.Defensively though,still a concern.Can't do much about...
I think after all the players available,you'll be doing good again.Honestly,it's weird to see where Newcastle is in the table.
I always rate Everton and Moyes well.Plays decent football and without large financial source still able to build a decent team.
Is Jack ever been away for 14 months ? Btw,credits to Cesar,he made numbers of vital saves and if not,Arsenal had score more.
Awesome classico,wonder how much Barca miss Puyol at their backline.
That happened when haters watch football.
Phil Dowd,referee of this match seems not a fan of goal's celebration isn't it ? Perhaps the rules should've been loosen up a bit.Players are human too,it's nor...
I have to give a credit to west ham in this match,they played very well.Caroll was a constant threat and Diame looks so determined.Perhaps Nolan can do better a...
I still think laurent and thomas can play together,consistency might have been the prob,but I think they'll get better with games. Arsenal midfield should have...
Well said mate,tired of 'you win,you perfect and you lose,you rubbish' like comments by the so called 'football fans'.
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