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@Jandito: We know it hurts man, just go to sleep. Everything will be fine tomorrow (or next season in your case)
6 years ago
I don't know why this comment has been removed, I remember he posted "HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAAAHAHA"
No excuses this time. Clear offside, clear penalty and valid red card. Chelsea earned this victory through hard work, we deserved it!
I clapped and slammed my hands on the table until my palms turn BLUE!
Yes passing around among your teammates like in training ground is more attractive huh? The only way to beat Barca is with tactics, and RDM got it spot on! By t...
How does it feel suckers? We came to Nou Camp, we were down 1 man, you had a penalty, and yet We're through!!! Time to get a refund from UEFA I guess. Chelsea ...
Mata? You mean Drogba's goal?
LOL Yellow you're funny! How is it for Arsenal? *We will go out from all competitions as soon as we can every season*?
Bandwagoner? LOL i started supporting chelsea in 2000, when it wasn't a big shut the f*ck up you glory hunters who blindly support scum team for their...
Welcome back Franky4fingers! Have you cleared the s**t out of your head? How did you like the proofs? Scum
Yaa I can go on too. Macheda's handball goal, Evra's foul on Torres in CL (should have been a penalty) and so on. I admit Utd plays good at times and they have ...
When you manage to empty your head from all the sh*t, you might wanna take a look at these too:
Proof? Read the article I gave you. Also it's so obvious that Platini has always been protecting Barca. Remember Ovrebo? That season Platini said he was hoping ...
Correction, Torres has always been good (not only the past 2 months)...every time he plays, he gives his best and we Chelsea fans know this since the 1st day. N...
@Theatreofdream, ManU doesn't play dirty? B*tch please
MrAshley86, you must be kidding me. Chelsea score more offside goals against you guys?? Remember 2 offside goals at Old Trafford against us this season? Not to ...
Look whose talking. Remember both the offside goals at Old Trafford against Chelsea?
At least better than Franky4fingers. I would trust them any day compared to a guy with somewhat of an obscene name lol
Torres really unlucky. It would have been emphatic if his volley had gone in and win us the match. He deserves it, because to be honest there are many strikers ...
@Franky4fingers - You gave a link for an article written by yourself (A Barca supporter), and you expect it not to be biased LOL? Why would anyone believe that?...
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