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Some might say pirlo..but i think vucinic is the best player in juves roster..the guy is freaking magician..and the scary thing is we have yet to see his true s...
6 years ago
Im kinda glad for juve im just hoping u guys finish the season undefeated..
Soooo much competitiveness in the epl...the top contenders are 83 points and 80..everyone else 65 and amezes me the high level of competiviness... any...
Http:// 7. Excessive Team / Player Bashing / ...
Newcastle is not quality..thats just for this season they will fall..just like levante..levante is doing a really good season..but that dont mean t...
And quite frankly to say that only valencia barcelona and real are the only quality teams in la liga then u clearly dont watch la liga at all..stop being so ign...
Its not just this season thatdamnperson...the EPL does nothing in EL..u should know wehre r ur "qualaty teams"??? cuz i dont see them so i must be a bl...
No..sanchez is more of the same and cesc is on bad shape lately.. thats why cuenca would had been a better pick
If the EPL has 6 top quality teams then la liga has sorry bout this mate..dont kid urself..again ur being bias..the epl does not have 6 top quality teams....
Dont kid ur self
I still think tello is a good player with a great future..but in this game he wanted to be the hero of the match..but he is still too young for that..ill still ...
Hmm u guys are wrong..if barcelona and madrid were in the epl here is what the table would look like 1.real madrid utd city any other t...
It feels great to love the best team in the world :)..atleti is the worst club in the other hand ah ah
Thats a really dumb question.. peps job will never be on the line... he can stay there forver if he chooses to
We are the best team in the world.. barca should stop fooling them self
I think real madrid is greater than bayern cuz imo real madrid is the only team that can take a league away from barcelona..if put bayern in la liga i think the...
So i guess this victory make us the worlds best football club atm
Unfurtunatly english players are not good enough to play in the best league or to play in the best team in the world..
No marquino i dont get tired of losing to barca.. because u get to see the worlds best football and the worlds greatest footballer been displayed on the pitch.....
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