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5 years ago
@Kavirez007 You must be fresh off the boat. The la liga hosts the most exquisite football than any other league. Besides having the best players in the world, i...
Well good luck to Team Ronaldo on the CL then.
@Katana Kaka sucks??? Your nuts man! Kaka got a wicked right foot and has a lot of pace. He would be a star if he played for a team that required his services ...
Yes Zolamagic, he's a good player. He's been playing for a long long time, but these things happen in football. Just a bad day at the office for Walters!
Change this title, this is not Mesut.
6 years ago
So please tell me what quantifies that the PL is the " Best " league in the world. Ofcourse the players, managers, staff , fans , stadium make up of what consti...
Hilarious! but true.
Haha not strong enough...
It's a little bit old school, everyone's new kit seems to look old school though.
@Raphael16 you's a fool boi, i know messi didn't win a world cup. And i know for sure Ronaldo didn't win a world cup.They both have not done won anything for t...
Has Ronaldo won a world cup?
@Lovismith @Peacefulcard If you guys think Italian football lacks creativity. You guys are nuts, Italian football is one of the most tactically planned and orga...
They never do, its low priority for them.
I agree with you, the referee is and always are the roots of the problems in the Middle East. It was a home game for UAE, and the referee and fans obviously are...
True , Chivas have always been a difficult team to beat.Mexico have some really talented players! Most people dont know that, thats why they hate.
Well done Chivas! Class Team!
Since Chivas beat Barcelona, they should have no problem trashing Man U.
This is pre season boi
Linesman = Hilarious!!
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