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Masterboy (Manchester United) 19 hours ago I have started a donation for city. There's a replica of FA CUP trophy on e-bay only $25.70 They really deserve it. ...
Sometime money can't buy success !!!
I think you should spend bit more money...not on the players but on ref's :-)
5 years ago
This time it wasn't Turkish ref but the fair one and that's what happens with fair play.
Adnane...tek sad sam vidio da si iz Bosne :-) Pozdrav od Bosanca iz Novog Zelanda. Vecina Bosanaca navija za City zbog Dzeke al vidim da ima neko ko navija i za...
I wouldn't risk it playing top players just to get high score in points. These guys did the job, they need a rest now and give a chance to younger ones to prove...
Bring back the old days. Man Utd and Arsenal racing all the way. Miss those games man. Arsenal needs to hold on to their players and build a team. It's hard the...
Man shity can kiss my ass now. THIS is the real MANCHESTER football team. Every single hater out there only makes us bigger. Keep hating us, don't stop. You onl...
Yep keep the spanish teams apart. Match fixing basterds
Hopefully such an incident won't happen to Real while trying to win this cup but it did happen in the past and it will happen in the future and its just the mat...
The way I saw it was there was a winner which ever way you look at it. There are people here that don't understand the meaning of this game. This was supposed t...
You have no idea what you blabbing about Roberto. The only reason you are there is because of the money. You thought that Sheik will keep his bag open all the t...
So it is true about the red colour. But then again we're talking about Man Shity here. It's aaaaaalmost 50/50
Fulham played really good, you have to give them a credit for that. Funny moment with the lights :-) I'm surprised no one took advantage to score while in dark ...
Fantastic. We're picking up the form like never before. 2nd half of the season...its gonna be great. This is why Ronaldo want's to come back. I really hope he d...
I agree...shity was lucky to escape embarrassment and as you said ref really helped them a lot. Tevez should be give red card right at the end. What i wanna kn...
Somewhere on FootyTube
The same guy came back later and shouted f**k you all 96 times.
A bit of Dennis Bergkamp magic there for RVP. The touch and the aim for the goal was there but the deflection wasn't. But after all the work he did to make him ...
That was cool comeback. Hernández should have 3 goals...and i should had more points on my fantasy league :-)
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