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4 years ago
Dangerous play, I understand the Ajax players were asking for more but yellow was what he deserved.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Title is so inappropriate. Ajax dominated the game, Celtic didn't get a chance at all.
Somewhere on FootyTube
How can you not be aware of the rules if you play at that level? I think that is ridiculous.
Quote from the FA laws of the game 13/14: "A goalkeeper is not permitted to keep control of the ball in his hands for more than six seconds. A goalkeeper is co...
He handled the ball outside the box indeed, but no that should not get him red carded... Defender got in front of Eto'o
Good win for chelsea, their first goal should have been disallowed though.
We got robbed once again. It's the same story every year in CL
How in earth did they get robbed? It was a clear penalty.
Glad Stekelenburg is back, he is doing well
5 years ago
When I saw the goal it reminded me of Drogba's goal instantly.
2 goals were robbed? Explain?
Is nobody noticing Balotelli is holding Van Rhijn as well? When both players hold each other I think referees shouldn't blow for a foul.
Happy we didn't lose but I guess we'll have to thank the ref.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Happy we didn't lose but we have to thank the ref I guess.
Not sure about the red, defender had it covered.
6 years ago
Great save by zoet
Pretty sure Balotelli should have got at least 2 penalties
We were so damn close...
I heard the Spanish commentator say Pepe Reina 3 times, anyone know what he was saying about him? And what's with the beeps when a goal is scored?
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