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Hi Dreamfooty, Carlos Alberto Sánchez Moreno aka "La Roca" needs to be added to Elche CF in LFP. Thanks so much!
Are you kidding me?! (Referring to Puyol's broken arm) I love his hustle, but my gosh! Be strong Puyi!
5 years ago
Madre Mia! Que futbol mas bello! Visca Barca! Visca los cules del mundo! Puyol < Pepe :: Loved his goal, makes the cut behind Pepe OWNED! Great flank by King E...
6 years ago
Great montage! Perfect music! Nice end, Puskas Award 2011. P.S. Do you do 3rd Eye too?
I like Sanchez, he has South American flair. Then again, Pedro has scored very important goals before his injury. All in All, to be on the first line you have...
Well said.
Thanks for the link! 10min Eng Commentary HD highlights. FYI: Montoya's flick over attacker was class
I'm so glad Alex scored that fine finesse shot! Quick cut back, made room, picked his spot and bent around keeper. Alex is very creative; he's got that South A...
I don't get Messi's penalty or card. Can someone explain it? Why on earth would Messi try something like that, he's never tried that method of shooting penalti...
Umm Hmm, You guys must of noticed Abidal's cross right? Come on boys, Great header from Cesc but credit also needs to go to Abidal. BTW: 3pts isn't that bad an...
I wanna see RM vs MC! Especially MB vs CR.
Totally Agree! True ManC are financed by an Oil family (don't quote me on this) but gosh! Toure Brothers Rocking the D&M! and Silva was a under rated at Valenci...
Visca Barca! Visca Catalunya! barca, Barca, BARCA!
Team chemistry is essential! Players can choose to play the game for personal stats or milestones but in the end it's the team that gets three points and the cu...
Looks like Leo's new boots are working great! I wonder what kind of stats it has recorded...
My GWASH! Dare Vršič's goal was incredible! The arc that ball had! The angle was so... DAMN!
Welcome to footytube. For FC Barcelona related discussion go to the Barcelona forum :D
Well, obviously wasn't a goal smashing performance but I think "Three Golden Points" summed it up quite nicely. But if I were at the game, I would of regretted ...
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