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4 years ago
Yaya toure isn't that good. that's why busquets is playing in his position now
Wilshere should go to United.
RVP was right to leave this club. But he's still worlds different from moneygrabbers like Nasri and Clichy. RVP is an Arsenal legend.
Balotelli doesn't deserve anything. He's a mercenary. Shame, he could have been popular in a big and proper club, like Manchester United.
Never give up? Then why Is that 10 minutes after kick off a lot of your fans were leaving Old Trafford yesterday, after hearing the news? And your remaining f...
Where is Man United?
The most arrogant team in football is the red club in manchester.
Barcelona bandwagoners will surely jump ship to United or Dortmund. Or Real. Or United again. As long as their chosen team keeps on winning, they'll jump there ...
The arsenal fans i've met are just like piers morgan, fickle and plastic.
But united didn't win against newcastle this season. a draw and a loss at home.
Funny how a lot of people are now jumping to the Newcastle bandwagon.
If only my club was a plastic one. If only. :(
You're a Manutd fan and you say Hala Madrid as well? Hmm. Something's fishy. Maybe you're THAT kind of fan.
If only we were as greedy as you guys when it comes to TV rights. :( If only.
Fc bandwagonlona vs real bandwagon cf?
Money can't buy class, they said. Everybody's having a laugh at Arselol!
6 years ago
Cost the entire premier league teams in terms of transfer market fee and weekly wages? LOL Oh wait, we're talking about deluded an in-denial manyoo fans.
United fans complaining about gloryhunters? LOLOLOLOLOL
Argentina wants the Falkland Islands back lol But if Tevez was wearing a United shirt he probably would have gotten the penalty.
Which do you prefer, a historical and big club like united, with 330 million fans, or a small club like city?
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