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Honestly do you think Utd wouldn't have made top 4 without sanchez?? We arnt playing the most beautiful football at the moment but we arnt having a bad season. ...
5 months ago
@Sergio unfortunately you are right. hahaha. Was always a big fan of Klopp until... Pretty biased. I do like his attacking approach to games. Also like mou thou...
7 months ago
@Footballiscity, no offence but Pep has spend 70m pounds more last summer. And the summer before that about 50m pounds more. SO cant say pep hasn't spend much ...
8 months ago
Just for your information, he didn't say this because he thinks Man city doesn't count. He said this because all these teams he mentioned dropped points. City d...
9 months ago
@YoloToure Thanks for the info! indeed misleading news!! Still good stats.
10 months ago
Hamstring injuries are very sensitive. If you rush back to soon. You get injured again immediately. Mou wont take any chances. But Pogs is a beast so I expect h...
Herrera will be played in the CL. Different style off play in CL compared to PL.
Not talking about Zidane as a player! Cant argue with him being one off the best all time players
11 months ago
Guys, I was thinking about transfer business from city compared to United. And Mou vs Pep and who is the better manager. United (Mou) got a lot of stick for th...
True, but the team that was struggling was almost the same then the one that became champions the year before. So there was enough quality. But still good job ...
1 year ago
Honestly,you really think you have a good chance next year on winning CL? The likes of Real, Barca, Bayern, Juve, Atletico, are definitely a league on their ow...
Why is zlatan a bad example? The dude is 35 years old. Working his ass off to stay in shape and still proved everybody wrong that he woulnd be able to handle pr...
The team on the pitch wasn't worth 500 mln
Guys lets be honest, Fellaini was ffing dumb to react to agueros provocation. Aguero runs towards him to get him to react. Fellaini not smart enough to keep cal...
Happy with the win. But losing Ibra and Rojo is a game over for us. Ibra would never walk off the pitch if it wasn't serious. Rojo tried but got stretched off. ...
You cant be serious? 5 games for lying?
4 points of second and 2 points of third. Still plenty of time
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4 years ago
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