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Italy Vs. Brazil
Why are you guys -6 to start the campaign?
6 years ago
Not all that impressed with the 'form' Italy were in but the result was and 3 points were much needed in the qualification. Especially since Serie A is on strik...
What is everyone's take on the possible reasons that Juve are continually overlooking Rossi? Could it really be because he is "American", as I have heard that r...
Yea, they should ease into the Euro's but my concern, as I'm sure its Prandelli's too, is that the team may become too complacent due to the lack luster quality...
Haven't been here for a while and yesterdays games was exactly why. I'm not saying I'm not a fan, I'll be a Juve supporter till I die, but this season was so fr...
7 years ago
This isn't exactly 100% Juve related but did you guys catch the Italy Ukraine game? ITs great to see Juve players produce when there is a proper team surroundin...
Unreal. I'm at a true loss. I haven't made a post in a while as there hasn't been anything worth while to say, but I just had to today. Again, unreal.
Ibra's goal was unreal
To add to what Spigy said, yes, Juve totally need some firepower & creativity up front.Yes Juve had their chances but were stale at times looking to make someth...
Hopefully Juergen Klinsmann will be the first piece of the puzzle so this team can get going and bring some silverware home. With the appointment of Klinsmann i...
I'm gonna echo what everyone has been saying. It was a surprise victory for sure, with all the injuries Juve had sustained prior to this match. Melo & Aquilani ...
Where can i watch the game?
Slowly digging themselves out of the bottom. This team has far more potential and talent than to be sitting this low in the table. Top 4-6 by Christmas?
2 match ban. F! They are however, appealing it:
Great game yesterday. Too bad Fulham were on the other end of the result. They had opportunity, but just couldn't finish. This team is deserving of far more tha...
Great to see a result and a bunch of goals. Hopefully they carry it over to Europe as well.
So, I missed the game but just caught the highlights. Krasic is unreal. Unfortunately I haven't been able to catch an entire game this season but the highlights...
Beautiful assist Cassano. I'm sure they'll take the win, but 2 - 1 to Estonia isn't as convincing as anyone would like.
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