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22 year old Male
Paul Scholes: my favourite player
Zinedine Zidane: the best player
Football, Rugby (union>league), Cricket (haven't followed a lot since moving to France)
Fans that are haters and just looking for trouble
Just for Fun (Goalkeeper)
Really suck at playing football lol. I'm more a rugby guy with 6'1 and 260lbs, I play prop in uni. Also do judo.
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Hi Guys, sorry if this was asked before...but playwire is so slow on my laptop...any suggestions to fix it? thanks in advance
2 years ago
I kinda agree with Evra, if City wins this title (and looks like it's already done...unless...) it'll be the start of a few years of City dominance. It was like...
5 years ago
The reff should blow fulltime already really...
6 years ago
It's hard to see this Barca team losing. Are they gonna just rack up CL cups after CL cups like the Madrid team of the 1950's? Hard to see any team stepping up ...
Phew, get breath easily now:D Then I'll hold my breath for another 45min lol
Yeah, how about a reverse of last year's league cup final. Rooney scores early but then gets injured (although I hope not) and Owen comes in and scores the winn...
He is the Park of 2008 :(
Him and messi are just out of this world. I hope we'll make messi look ordinary at wembley:D
I want to watch as much football as I can in this kind of matches where I don't know who to support. So at the moment I want a braga goal :D
Well heard in the french broadcast here that the 15 most used players for Stoke cost around 40 000 euros (can somebody confirm coz I think it's quite low). For ...
Allez le PSG!!! Time to retain the cup :D
Nice one lol
French commentators just can't believe how the City forwards are playing for themselves and choosing to neglect their team-mates LOL
Ronaldo has done more for Portugal than Messi has done for Argentina. The thing with Ronaldo he doesn't really need good players in the team. He saved us countl...
To be totally honest, it's more likely for Barca to completely dominate us (like in '09) than us dominating them. The more likely outcome for United is we get d...
Hahahaha true aye.
In my dream, Victor Valdes will be so terrible that even a desperate Evra attempt from the corner of the penalty area will go in :)
Same here, I supported Liverpool in both finals, I even supported Arsenal (the club I grew up to like the less because of the Fergie-Wenger rivalry) in 2006 :D
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