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Brilliant goal!!! Nice cutback and dipping shot into the corner!
6 years ago
Rooney is the definition of mediocre and overrated.
Suarez!!Suarez!!Suarez!! Golazo!!
Yea thats because united sucks. I guarantee atletico madrid or valencia could beat if you actually watched la liga you would know that valencia wa...
Did you just hint at rooney having more goals than messi?? HA!!! last season rooney scored shite, and messi already has more goals and assists..dont compare an ...
Umm wtf is up with the team ratings here??? how is barcelona mostly rubbish and milan are awesome??? Barcelona DOMINATED that game.. you don't get 80% possessio...
Goddamn Messi is not only the best player in the world hands down, but I'm starting to think maybe the best of all time..I mean a player that can score goals li...
I mean I really like arsenal..i fell in love with the gunners in the years of the invincibles, players such as Pires, bergkamp,vieira, campbell,lauren,henry,lju...
All you guys are talking about bad defense and shitty defending and what not..first of all, I but none of you even saw this game and are basing your claim on hi...
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