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4 years ago
I give Dortmound all the credit they deserve, but Bayern beat themselves. 1 own goal, and 1 fatal mistake by the goalkeeper. Both teams played a fantastic game,...
What an incredible match. Dortmound is a very well coached team. They are definitely a force to be reckon with. Bayern wasn't comfortable throughout the game. I...
Yeah man like I said Neymar was a poor choice, and as a barca fan I hope I'm wrong and he turns out to be the next Ronaldinho, but i highly doubt that since the...
Look at how Spain performed against Brazil in the confederations cup. Spain didn't stand a chance against a very young Braziian team. You may ask why I bring th...
I'm writing him off because I saw him play in the confederations cup, and I have to say he dives more than Busquets, he hasn't proved anything. Even Ronaldinho ...
Barcelona is going through a rough patch, the team is dissolving, they just don't play like they used to. They need a motivator, someone that will make them hu...
BRUCE WAYNE: "This is not the team we need, but the team we deserve!!!!"
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5 years ago
I think people that discredit Messi fail to realize that football is about scoring goals. Ronaldo scores goals and so does Messi. The truth of the matter is tha...
Messi had an atrocious game, but given the fact that he is only human and he had a baby the day before this match, all is forgiven. On the other hand Villa was ...
Nothing really angers me. I like trolling around. Is so funny when people get offended over stuff on the internet. And yes Mallorca was way better 3 years ago. ...
I hate people that use the word SWAG. This atrocity has been adopted by people with lack of self esteem and cognitive skills of any sort. It is now common knowl...
I hate this commentator so much!!!! I'm a Barca fan but goddamn this dude thinks every pass barcelona makes is god's gift to the world!!!!
Oh my goodness, Messi is "the total footballer"... He has the dribble, the touch, the skill, the finesse, and now he is adding free kicks to his overwhelming ar...
What a load of horse s**t!!!! so much for freedom of speech!!!!
There's no need to draw comparisons between the EPL and La Liga.... It is as pointless and futile as comparing Messi to Ronaldo... they are both great in their ...
A lot of pressure just dump on Tito... All of us are expecting him to do great, and I'm sure when the moment comes, the comparisons are going to start between h...
Here we go again, is the same s**t every year... who cares.... just watch the games and enjoy... this is the best footballing generation of all time....
This is the return of the MVP's (Messi, Villa, Pedro)... so glad to see Villa back and scoring.... i didn't see much of Fabregas or Sanchez... who in my opinion...
What a goal keeper for Valencia. Great match overall, I thought both teams play extremely well. And I'll say it once agaim, Guaita was the man of the match for ...
6 years ago
Cool my brother.... Oh noooooo my life is over footytubers dont like my realness... Pffffttt what a tool
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