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Anybody knows why Alba didnt play?
2 weeks ago
Referee called an offside goal for Juvi while it was not in fact. HIGUAN missed some good chances as well.. so Come one they were really tough offensively and ...
I think if we get passed Juvi we will win it again lol
1 month ago
(Barcelona)2 days ago i dunno but i have a strong feeling that we will face you in QF :( i dont like it though. Jujex(Juventus)2 days ago As long as it's n...
Hazard is away better than Daybala for me and will be so much useful. I think he will fit more in our system than yours :P
I dunno but i have a strong feeling that we will face you in QF :( i dont like it though.
@Franky you know very well that we will face either Bayern or Juvi lol
We deserve Leicester this time for god sake while Real Deserves Bayern big time.
I believe it is not lucho's fault.. the problem is with the quality of all the new players we purchased... they are so disappointing and didnt help the team at ...
The same s**t with raki.. whats wrong with him.. he is geting slower and slower and his passes are s**t... i cant tolerate his stupidity anymore...
2 months ago
I can realy play better than gomez ... damn this dude has no talent creativity speed , no shooting , nothing to offer us really.. he doesnt even know ...
All the players we purchased so far are rubbish... gomez, denes surez, arda, raki already done... why the hell we dont select the right players to purchase.. bu...
I will be more than happy with 1-1 draw at Anoeta stadum
3 months ago
Alba is so brilliant ... he is the best left winger for me.
4 months ago
Well said... but we cent deny that we have so much things to worry about ....
This stupid Adrda plays without brain...why doing f*****g fouls in dangerous areas ... bullshit signings...
Heheh how silly some madrid fans saying after the win, la liga is over !!! they forget that we will be facing each others twice and we are just 4 points behin...
5 months ago
At least you should feel happy for the team for winning games..Bele is doing great so far and deserves ballon dior.
What a poor quality of adidas shoes lol Messi should start wearing Nike :p
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1 year ago
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