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Why did the little boy kiss the napoli team at the beginning of the game? :O
6 years ago
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What a stupid article. just because pretty much the top 6 are going through transitional periods in their respective cycles does not mean "the epl has been taug...
There is so many things wrong with your post man that i don't even know where to begin, so all im gonna say is, SINCE WHEN IS LIVERPOOL VS MAN UNITED A FRIENDLY...
How the hell can you compare a 2nd choice striker and one of your main midfielders, not to mention the astronomical price difference between them?
Lol sure.
You're more than welcome to overspend as much as you like. Or is that just for completely useless players? I'm sure we can find a couple fringe players for you ...
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Agreed. but it's always nice to see football fans (esp online) to be able to note a good player rather than troll on other teams like a fool. Good for you
Berbatov and owen are both injured. there really isn't much optimism seeing as Rooney is the only attacker on the field that looks capable of doing any damage t...
Pretty sure Rowley87 was making a joke here
Rather than lucky United it looks like bitter Liverpool. Go play your Europa League fella.
Why are you trying to trash other teams? That too cus of a header? what makes barca so different to us 'corporate'teams exactly? do you not have the qatari log...
Wes Sneijder does not fit into our 4-4-2 system at all. And if we sign Sneijder he will expect game time. A lot of it. That in turn will hamper the growth of An...
Didn't sign Cleverly, we created him ;)
Somewhere on FootyTube
Okay. Try to buy as many titles as you can. We'll see who gets the farthest.
There's nothing illegal going on with ManCity and you won't hear me or probably anyone else here claiming that. It's just a typical nouve riche thing to do, buy...
It's total BS man. They're comparing a 40 yr old pro like Friedel to a youngster like De Gea, and mind you regardless of strikers, De Gea had his fair share of ...
If you're so pissed off about Wenger playing Nasri in the CL you shoulda told your sheikhs not to sit on their asses with this deal and get it done before the s...
Highly doubtful, but good luck to you
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