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Messi is legendary at Barca, not at international level, notice how without xavi and iniesta he is not at his sparkling best
6 years ago
I agree with both of you, but that first goal by Sunderland was fair enough, Mclean had the right to play on, but, if that was Man United in that situation and ...
Win 19 titles then come back and talk
@Lachiek You really make united supporters look good with that comment, idiot.
Good to see Arsenal bounce back from their poor start to the season
*man united not man u
Man united win titles in a league that has more competition than one team (real madrid)
Look in the past all u want, worry about the up coming game and not troll on each others teams
7 years ago
@ Catalunja, and some people say united fans are arrogant, listen to yourself!
And people say refs only make s**t calls against other teams when they play man united....
Keep watching AEK athens
Obviously a very good one!
Give rooney a break, hes just gotten over the huge transfer scandal, let him get back to form and we'll see the rooney from last season, scoring in almost every...
8 cards geez is that enough
@Cjayzz, coming from a madrid supporter u really cant talk, a wins a win
Alright both of u stop! Achiox, shut up, blackpool were expected to be bottom of the table and lose every game 5-0 and look how well theyre doing after being pr...
Evoked87 u never know they just might.
Catenccaio ur an idiot, at least if u were going to argue about gary nevilles tackle against west brom fair enough but u cant even talk because chelsea lost to ...
@ Soccerrenz, Man utd compared to Real? we would not lose 5-0 to Barca, real madrid are not much of a team, they are a bunch of individuals trying to make thems...
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