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Actually... inter's first 2 goals were pretty ugly... didn't even deserve them... a lame deflection with milito offside and a PK? BOOOOOO!!!!
2 years ago
Torres is garbage!!! Friggin traitor!!! I'm soooo heartbroken about his goal drought at Chelsea!!! LOL!!! Money well spent right Carlo??
3 years ago
Oh yeah.. cuz americans aren't racist...
I thought so too... thank god they didn't catch that...
Torres can suck it!!!!!!
Whatever folks... inter is all BS... Napoli is gonna put the smackdown on them come next month... we've got a dynamic attack that doesn't quit..
More clever , i help u :D
I agree.. lippi is going senile... we looked like s**t out there and deserved to go home in shame.. our main problem was the defense.. Cannavaro and Chielini co...
That was effin embarrassing... where's the defense? On the day Germany were the better team... sorry JT, you suck...
You can't tell me it's not suspicious... my point is the US is on the up n up.. and when it happens there will be one more reason to hate the US... eat it!!!
Even with the endless bad calls by blind refs, USA comes through... I'm telling you it's like an unspoken conspiracy... Football's the last sport that USA has y...
That was probably the best 0-0 game I've ever seen.. Napoli-Inter is always a good show!!! Forza Napoli!!!
4 years ago
Dida needs to be shot in the face behind the tool shed...
Aston Villa is a MUST WIN... that'll put us back in it!!!
But it's still effin embarrassing that we lost to Portsmouth...
Thank God!!! needed that win like a jonzin' crackhead!!!
Che stronzo Contini!
Heh heh!!! Chelsea fans give me a big fat floppy one..
I think I'm gonna have to kindly ask you to BLOW!!!
Agreed! we're having a bad run right now... we've had the lion's share of the possession and shots on goal for the last 4 or so matches we just can't finish it ...
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