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Dont know... probably a scenario where it looks like " the player moves backwards while ronaldo is running across him"
6 months ago
That same fan blamed pep for Mane's boots on Edersons face... cant make this up
7 months ago
Guilty pleasure time: Trolls are annoying but this guy brings me so much joy. I can understand disappointment etc but he is so unreasonably upset lol. Desperate...
1 year ago
How ironic.
Yeah! I member
A lot of his passes/runs are overlooked because he is so damn casual about it but boy he is something else.
Thats a wrap! Congrats to the team for a well fought victory.
Stupid foul to make that early on in the game. better to go a goal down and still have 11 players especially with MSN.
The look on his face after he fumbled that ball was so delicious
I liked fernandez's comment even though I cant see it anymore but I am sure it was a great one, A big ball of sunshine that one.
Talk about finishing... Pure striker this guy.
Lol this guy again... for his sake I hope he is drunk from celebrating the barca loss... he needs Jesus
2 years ago
If it had to be anyone that knocked out Barcelona I personally prefer it be Atletico. This dose of reality Barca has been dishing out these past few weeks has t...
I think its fine Arsenal are parking the bus. Its one way to win against Barcelona and its nothing new. We have been caught out before by teams that parked the ...
Manbearpig updated his profile
Oh come on. By that argument you can even claim Muhammad Ali is being disrespectful, any great team that ever existed was being disrespectful.I never saw it as ...
Lets hope Pepe scores a brilliant solo own goal
Speaking of his "deep, imposing voice and majestic appearance."
Oh boy was i wrong or what haha. I disagree with xavi. getting different players and putting them next to each other and making it work is a gift in itself. wit...
All joking asides I am pretty sure xavi was drunk and everyone was trying to get him down which clearly he was against. thats what I got from it ignoring the fa...
He is just competitive...
4 years ago
5 years ago
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