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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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I thought it was because of his on going sex tape issue , but yes I have seen many Madrid fans blaming injuries for the Elclasico defeat which imo was wrong . ...
7 hours ago
^ James & bale both played before elclasico , infact James played 2 qualifiers for Colombia ( if I recall correctly) and few min of you last game before clasico...
9 hours ago
@SA , yes
And funny bit is last season under Carlo Madrid was setup to attack , they played that season on basis of winning by scoring more goals, Even during the perio...
14 hours ago
@LVG & bazinga , When was the last time you see this biscuit guy ? He hardly ever do a drama now , even what he did against inter was blown out of proportion ...
^ very funny I can't stop laughing
Ramos over Pique ? Lol this is what happens when you openly support separation.
1 day ago
Http:// cup/story/2672004/ballon-dor-2015-nominees No , this is what I am talking about .
^ lol even you missed busqets.
It's f*****g disgraceful from both Fifa and Uefa to snub Busqets from Ballon Dor shortlist and team of the year. He is been is superb form during this season ...
@Sif , Ban will also stop them from signing youngsters ;) so arsen will have to find something new.
@DaGaza , any reasons why they shouldn't ?
^ Yes because penalties are the one and only way in which ref can influence the game . Why don't you start counting the bad decision which went in Madrid favor...
After Barcelona's ban, Fifa will now finally also punish Spanish (Madrid/Atletico), English (Chelsea/Arsenal), German and Italian clubs Just few days back ru...
As per book it was penalty , that defender left a trailing leg and vasques ( if that's his name ) tripped and went down , he was fishing for a foul and could ha...
2 days ago
^ not entirely applicable , its not like they will stop promoting Ronaldo , as far as I know Nike already have a strong hold in South America and having a Brazi...
Rumors of Nike making Neymar as main face of their brand , at moment its Ronaldo. We already have Adidas best player and one of biggest Nike store in Camp Nou ...
Because he is GOAT
I thought it was quite open with a period of end to end stuff.
Checkout Spurs Vs Chelsea , very entertaining , end to end stuff & its only 30 Min
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