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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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^ not entirely true , Manu bought ADM & now buying Mkhitaryan without CL football. It's more have to do the agents and intent of the club , I want Klopp to su...
5 hours ago
Goddammit these spoiler naysayers :/ calm the tits lads , it is known that Pod will eventually win the game and sit on Iron Throne Pod on the throne with rings...
Who ever select music for GOT is f*****g legend , the music behind the first scene & all related scene was perfect. Song name in " light of the seven " Also ...
13 hours ago
^ most insightful replay yet in the history of internet.
20 hours ago
Lol an analyst called England players " overpaid nonces " live on BBC. Make England Great Again !!!
No one fancy Germany ? You all Know Portugal will win the euros without Winning a single match in open play.
22 hours ago
English FA have perfect excuse now to not send English team in at least one major tournament , Euros. They should just spare themselves from this regular embar...
23 hours ago
Add our Spanish players to that list , they also got humiliated at 2014 WC and then went on to bring home the treble. Treble incoming lads !!!!
Cesc snake the fraud is probably the most overrated player to ever play this sport , utterly useless
Better team not really CHE , both team were quite open in first half till that Ref decided to ruin the match but Argentina was clearly better in first half. In ...
Https:// Y'all need to read this
LOL sore loser ? seriously ? did he said something bad about Chile winning the cup ? He is retiring because of how much s**t he gets from People in Argentina &...
Purely in selfish term Messi retiring from NT will help Barcelona and also reflect messi contributions to Argentina NT team. I don't want him to retire before ...
Not a dive then :) Ref has been shite whole game.
^ watch the replays of both fouls he was clipped both the times , first time it was slight touch but messi acceleration took him far which felt like he dived.
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