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Malik is the Albert einstein of his generation , he is a genius , but people call him crazy...
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^ that might be true and Thats why Pool need a sporting director , I'm pretty sure sevila have less revenue then QPR yet their is big difference in both of thei...
5 hours ago
Just curios when is Perez term ending ? And if you guys get rafa , I can bet on zidane being your manager for season 16/17 , i don't think rafa is anything bu...
13 hours ago
@Realfan , this year we have already seen a transformation in Ronaldo play , he is getting more dependent on others to creat for him , Messi on other hands is ...
LOL I don't think anyone can do better then MOU in terms of getting start manager , what Madrid need I calming effect which is what Carlo is , Madrid need to sa...
^ exactly , they had a plan in place and they achieved their targets ( CL place ) consistently , now they're building on it . As much as hate to say it , Live...
I know most of you guys don't like Dani Alves but I think he will do quite good at United & will prove good short term option , his attacking style will be perf...
No piqué ? I know he had couple of horrible season after he start dating shakira but once again he is performing at top of his game .
14 hours ago
Juve is financially strong and if they want they can keep any player they currently have in their squad , can't really recall the exact amount but they have alr...
Thats from last season ;p I'm sure this was posted on FT back then
16 hours ago
@DrTeja , you forgot to print this kids rely on letter head and our institute logo YNWA
17 hours ago
Mate it's not 300M , it's 125M as reported marca and others , I don't think anyone will say no to 300M especially as Ronaldo isn't getting any younger , even 12...
19 hours ago
What tanmay said twice ;) GSS, can't disagree with any of your pointed , Ramsey can start for most of teams , problem here is that we can pay 100M for him bu...
23 hours ago
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