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It is a good result for a club that runs on a budget and keeps selling their key players. The board should be blamed for those trophyless years since they kept ...
Wow dude you are an idiot for calling Arsenal a sht team. Theyperformed better than your Barca against Bayern. Also calling Wenger an idiot? Wenger knows what h...
WTF Valdes should stay at Barca. We RM fans love him. HAHAHAHA
Ramsey played well. Instead of bashing him, why don't you guys support him?
Still a better result than Barcelona.
I am a big fan of Victor Valdes because he is one the reasons why my team is winning against Barca. Valdes please stay. Barca and Madrid needs you!!! :P
This dude is still basing his capacities him from one game. I am a fan of Valdes. Really! Because he is one of the reasons my team wins against Barca.
Exactly! Pardes' statement sums up the whole career of Valdes. You don't judge him by one game. You judge him by his consistency in many games. He made more err...
I heard Valdes is one of the transfer targets of Arsenal. Don't buy Valdes or it will be R.I.P Arsenal.
This is the trend in the internet as far as it goes.. My OPINION IS BETTER THAN YOUR OPINION. I bet you will all agree. IMO Real Madrid played better. Not even ...
The irony when Manchester United fans blame the ref for losing. Suck it up. Real Madrid was the better team.
That was a deserved red card.
Real Madrid should have won this game. Props to De Gea's saves. Di Maria shouldn't waste chances but he played wonderful though. What a bummer.
Arsenal just needs more consistency. I believe they are a very good team.
Seriously guys? With United's current defence they would get fck up so easily. RM's forward are WAY too better than Utd and the same goes for the defence. RVP w...
Oh Giroud! The chances that you have wasted...
RMA - 3 Man UTD - 0. United are going to get destroyed in Santiago Bernabeu I tell you.
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