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If it was that easy, every team would have a world class keeper...
There's nothing wrong about complaining, but when you use sarcasm on someone, you're making fun of that person. He could have just said he wasn't happy with th...
More like fined for being a prick...
Guys, I know we're all excited about how this season has turned out for us, but reading some of the comments on this forum I would just like to say 2 things: -...
1 day ago
I know your feel bro. Last two seasons I was probably more interested in my fantasy league team than the EPL itself...
3 days ago
Thank you for your kind words, BUT... ... we still have to play 3 games. One step at a time!
4 days ago
He's not a bad player, but he needs some competiton. He knows he'll be a starter pretty much every game. Look how much Skrtel improved after we bough Kolo and S...
Let's not forget... Returning to Anfield this fall:
Not good for my health this...
Bless you Mignolet... the level of stupidity in this second half is killing me.
Massive deflection there...
Skrtel is such an idiot
Thank f**k
I didn't hear my alarm go off... I've been watching since HT and they are destroying us. What the hell is going on?
MI6 would be proud of our Assets...
Special Agent Borini:
If Borini want's to prove a point, tomorrow's the day. Agent Borini, you have your orders...
5 days ago
Why can't it be Sunday already FFS... Nerves are killing me!
6 days ago
Some great results for us today: EVE 2 - 3 CRY: Everton still have to play City and they can't afford another slip up if they want to finish in the top 4. On t...
1 week ago
10/12 points would give us the League, meaning we could draw against Chelsea...
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