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Wow but at the rates man u gets them and at the times idk got to start thinking somethings up.
5 years ago
And i assume you felt the same when machada scored the handball goal
Last time it was 2 pens and this time its 2 reds idk but way to kill a good game ref i hate when this stuff happens and it had to be right when Chelsea were dom...
The same game where Macheda scored a handball goal
Wow evens deserved a red more then shelvey clear 2 legged challenge with studs showing idk what the ref was thinking and i hate to say it but that's a straight ...
On the first alright but the second you have to have respect for
All i know is inesta did the dive of the finel makes me laugh every time i watch it but in honesty man of the world c...
Honestly wesly deserved it in 2010 for all that he did and xavi deserved the next year messi should consider himself lucky to have even one he's a good player b...
Second goal good passing move Naismith is looking good
Flip the sign in the middle around and you'll be right
Higuain everytime he went one on one just looking at him told you he would miss not really good compusur and was to nervos he's not really takeing his chance to...
He's leaving in january transfers are getting more conplacated every year
Football is a harsh game osasuna deserved this match barca was sloppy and really didn't look like themselves osasuna stuck with it and played amazing the first ...
Madrid played desent we just didnt take our chances higuain apart from the goal messed up his first touch a couple of times in both halfs and ronaldo really try...
I exageratted but all i was trying to say is that villa was better at velencia then he currently is at barca i agree it could be that he is ageing.
Talking about higuain how about villa the guy was scoreing 40+ goals for velencia came to barca first season got 12. and higuian never dips in form no matter if...
Alanso dosnt have all that flash skill moves dribbles but if you give him the ball he'll now exactly to put it and if you lose it you can trust him to get it ba...
What did pandev do for that red answer me that albokk and vidal clearly fouled Zúñiga befor he got that red for no reason
Im still wondering what did pandev do he got a red just because he was offsides didnt see much else
Lost some respect for brazil today oscer what is he doing the other team is already down to 10 and he still dives come on have some dignity your already winning...
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