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Better than to be in there and disgrace yourself. Beware! OLYMPIAKOS is on the way!
4 years ago
He was punished instantly when he was actually tripped in the box and ref ignored him. That balance out. Two wrongs does not make one right. I hope that will be...
Bayern München, Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona in semi-final. Don't forget underdog PSG.
He has not yet find his 1st eleven and players seem clueless.
Wow! MU is 3rd English team to lost 2-0, will Chelsea face the same fate? I hope not, at least a team to represent English football ;-) with such form will RVP ...
Ref ruin the game just like fa cup...but this time round, it went the other way...what goes round come around...just like the ball...ynwa!
Scoring goals...attack is the best defense!
Both team didn't covet a penalty - fair. not every game a fa cup ;-p
Best Captain!
Just love it! Gerrard passed to Sturridge. Sturridge cool finished and the way he celebrated (simply love his dance and knee down to thank God). Coutinho curls ...
Was wondering does SAF know MU will be in such a state that's why he retired??? So funny to see the way they celebrated when Carrick scored as if they have won ...
As the saying goes "one man junk may be another man treasure" Hope Salah helps your team instead of becoming bench warmer ;-p
Awesome! becomes more than reality ;) YNWA!!!
Madoxen nominated D. Sturridge (35') for Goal of the Week
Wow! DSS - Double S Strike-force = DEADLY!!! Glad to see ex-liverpool players scoring goals too. Hope they continue their scoring against other big teams.
What's happening? MU just can't live without SAF & HW ;p
Madoxen is now friends with Confirmynwa
Madoxen nominated L. Suárez (84') for Goal of the Week
WOW! 5 great goals! Reds are hungry very hungry...Well Done! YNWA!
YNWA!!! Double S strike again!!!
Madoxen nominated D. Sturridge (77') for Goal of the Week
What's happening to mu? Great game from WBA!
5 years ago
What goes round comes around....but this time is against mu not in favour
I already feel sorry for Arsenal who face Manu this Sat, with HW as official at Old Trafford. First, it was Liverpool then it was Chelsea.....will Arsenal be ...
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