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Madmessi just Watched
Madmessi just Watched
Never mind. 100% deserved a red. after watching the hilights I see that he settled the ball perfectly on his fist touch. Not sure why I remembered it differentl...
Red card was a bad call. It seemed clear that Robbin tried to lob the goalie with his first touch but missed, and the ball was going passed the end-line before ...
Madmessi just Watched
Madmessi just Watched
Not surprised. France is pretty mediocre right now especially on attack
5 years ago
Im half french. Also I watched the game and I didn't see the other 3 good chances. Seemed like the same non-flowing attack exhibited in the euros vs Sweden and...
France really creates so little in terms of good chances on goal. One goal off poor defense. One lucky goal. and one beauty but almost no other chances to speak...
When your heel gets clipped its not obvious, even in replay, but it can make you fall very easily. It wasn't a dive. Just like Torres' "dive" in the world cup....
7 years ago
There is no argument that V.P. was involved in the play, however he looked to be just a hair offsides. Not a terrible missed call in my opinion.
Just different in that the ref spotted it. people should not be mad at henry either
The ref made twice of the same type of bogus call for pushing on set peaces against use before the last fateful one. Each time I was like, I'm glad we barely ...
USA needed to use the loads of space on the wide areas during some of there counter attacks. It was so obviously there for a deep run and cross but we tried to...
I agree with the width issue for USA. especially on some of our attacks when there was soooo much space out there. On the other hand we had a number of clever...
The bradley kid needs to learn how to contain players some times. He always goes in to win the ball and when he gets burned over half the time hes out of the p...
The ref gave stoke the win with that awful call. what do you expect will happen with 10 vs. 11 and 30 min of overtime
8 years ago
Ivanovic should is underrated. Hes not flashy but super effective.
How much do refs in the USA get payed? If they get payed crap compared to other places then that may be why they suck so much
There are way more pk calls that the refs miss rather than miscall so at least it evens out. Replay would be nice thought.
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