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Barcelona is one of the worst in the world for diving. I never said anything about that. But this is a major problem in the sport, collectively. Spurs fan, Bar...
I love football, but Bale's dive was sickening. He should be banned for a couple of games for that. It's really bad for the sport, known notoriously for simulat...
Wow, QPR is brutal. They gotta sack Hughes. I used to think Julio Caesar sucked and was overrated, but now I just feel sorry for him. That team is much too good...
Agreed. I always felt like they won in spite of Valdez being shitty. This was maybe the first time i've ever seen him make a good save, but he still let in a so...
The GK debate is an interesting one for sure. But if you look at big saves, Hart has to be the guy. Sometimes he only stops on shot per game, but its a game sav...
What else was Chelsea supposed to do? Barcelona is an amazing team that would have ripped them to shreds if they tried to play against them with 10 men. I say f...
This game needs a couple of things to hang onto any credibility: 1. Goal line technology (seems like the only major sport in the world who doesn't use some so...
6 years ago
"Without buying a team"? United is one of the richest teams on earth!
It was a great shot, but the keeper should have stopped it. He was moving backwards when Meireles took the shot. Its near impossible to make a save that way. If...
Most of the time, yes, a keeper shouldn't be beaten at his near post, but that was a rocket!!! Sometimes you have to tip your hat to the shooter.
Poor Savic...he's having a nightmare this season.
Julio Caesar sucks. Every time that I see him play he lets in terrible goals.
De Gea certainly looked the part didn't he? He looked strong.
I kinda of agree with Talentition. His presence is weak in goal, even with his big saves. But he is still so very young and gaining confidence. The pressure on ...
When will someone tell Robbie Keane how dumb his goal celebration is? Im embarrassed for him. He can score goals, but looks like a dork.
Agreed. He got across really fast
United fan or not, those were WEAK penalties. Couple brilliant stops by De Gea at the death...One on Mata was one of the best this season by any GK.
Pepe should get a lifetime ban. He's a disgrace!
I know he is highly rated, but Joe Hart has been amazing this season. Every game he seems to make several saves that are top, top draw. With the exception of a ...
I would agree completely. You can say that about most professional footballers and there lies the problem with the sport.
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