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Gtfo hater
2 years ago
Chelsea for the win
Shhh he's trying to get kaka now shut ur mouth
Shhh bandido ure hating...benz a beast real would suck eithout him...
Good one Mc Donalds Utd haha
Well rofl, i just noticed that my comment created so much heat, im not a man lover I just think that I know more about football than any of these new "soccer" ...
Ronaldo > messi ...cuz ronaldo makes any teams way better while messi only good cuz of xavi and iniesta magic
U must be high...i dont like messi (i think he is wonderful at foot) but i prefer ronaldo...but u can clearly see how superior he is when he runs the ball aroun...
Roma is next
I admit madrid were rubbish... but so was barca till the ref gets the occasions to accomplish his mission to get pepe out of the tie.... ref was as rubbish as b...
The pedro offside was 100% offside...u need to play fifa 11 to get used to it....
LOL, thats why i yhink 90% of barca fans doesnt know s**t about football
Cmon adnan..quit hating...benzema is gonna hurt u in the semis
Lol keep rolling u ll find em
Funny but he won the world cup ;p a waaaayyyyyyy more important tropphy
That was total humiliation
3 years ago
Are u still a Benzema hater man? hahahahhaha
I already expressed my congrats to arsenal for those who dont know but its about the messi goal offside..the rule is if there are no more defenders then the off...
I was sure chamakh was going in but i dunno why wenger stopped playing him at all since rvp came back..went from first striker to 3rd...
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