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Do you realize who it was against? realize his potential chance creation rate if Barcelona played him in the correct position.
5 years ago
Fabregas will never be a good a faux striker as he was a midfielder, he used to make passes like he did for Alexis second goal in almost every game he played at...
Santosser is doesn't have the quality or fitness to be a BPL footballer.
I think the win was more down to Reading being so poor on the night. During the game yesterday, I personally did not see the Arsenal of old, of last season, or ...
In Fabregas's last 5 years at Arsenal he created more goal-scoring chances than anyone else in the World, even though for most of the time he didn't have a f...
Not really the stats are all there and clearly shows that despite the loss, Arsenal were having a game that wasn't as terrible as people think, if anything this...
I sell him on FIFA and buy Gameiro
Im sure it made JT happy inside
Arsenal were not as bad as the commentators were making them out to be and the MOTD highlights are cut to show that even goals aside Chelsea had the better game...
Szczesny – Free Sagna - £7.5m Gibbs – Free Vermaelen – £9.8m Koscielny - £8.5m Song - £1m Rosicky - £7m Benayoun – Loan Ateta - £10m Walcott - £1...
6 years ago
Arsenal starting line-up cost £59m Man-City starting line-up cost £171m City side cost 2.9 times more! still got played of the field.
Good to see Cesc Fabregas is doing well at Barcelona, the assholes can moan all they like, Cesc left is a very respectful manner and for valid reasons; that not...
@SrAlexFurgie is Reyes the only name you can utter, he is Arsenal most expensive signing in history and still only £17.5m all fees incl. Rio Ferdinand – £...
£2.75m Bargain Van Persie, don't know about other Arsenal fans that just want to see Arsenal win a trophy, but i wouldn't be as happy if we win spending dumb m...
Supporters of other clubs are only just beginning to notice Vermaelen, fact is he's been epically excellent ever since joining 2 years ago. He's a bit like RVP ...
Why don't you Youtube Rooney/Nani/Ronaldo dive and you'll find so many dives that you'll sh1t yourself. No team has players that dive more than United. Rooney a...
Have to agree with Scroggin, even though there was contact and Walcott was running at pace, he could have stay up. Most surprising thing is the Media didn't sla...
So many DUMBASS comments about Fabregas all of a sudden becoming class since he joined Barcelona, FACT is he as always been the best midfielder! in last 5 years...
Credit to Blackburn, but i really dont think Arsenal played that bad, im not blaming Song he was unlucky, but Koscienly should have done better. Apart from that...
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