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M0r0n wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Tevez : I'm so sorry. I didn't realize until now that there is no "I" in TEAM. Mancini: I'm sorry as well, son. There is no "U" in the TEAM either.
6 years ago
PEPE = P(athetic) E(xcuse of a) P(lay)E(r)?
Who wants to be a LB when an in-form Valencia is playing against you on the right side of the pitch ?
As someone said earlier "The best Xmas present I can get"... Love you, "Santa Claus Utd"
Somewhere on FootyTube
Agreed. But you don't see these Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, and Police Officers on TV, every weekend/weekday, or in advertisements.. It's not what they earn or ...
Liverpool had 10 players on the field and Fulham had 13, counting the Goal Posts!! ;)
Give him to Chelsea.. Trade him for Torres :-P
Somewhere on FootyTube
Come on ppl, give him some time...Just like Chelsea is "giving time" to Torres to get back in form. Hopefully my grandkids would be alive to see them play in th...
Dude! My maths sucks! Too many beers, too early in the day..
Tottenham has played one less game than others. Even if Man Utd ties, we can be on second place with a win against Stoke. With Man Utd's current form, it is qui...
Welldone Liverpool!
7 years ago
It seems Premier League's official site has declared this year a leap year!! I was checking out the match preview for Man Utd vs Chelsea, and it says Tues 29th ...
Toughest, yeah may be in a street fight!!
Seems Milan not only needs to work on their game, but also on Anger Management. They had no problem when Christian Abbiati was down injured, and was taken care...
Talking about bringing the ego down.. well i guess Newcastle did an awesome job .. :-P
DEVIL-ish RED-emption!
Loved that goal by Johnny Bravo... What a finish!
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