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Anybody knows the full story of why Lazar Markovic got a 4 game ban and Ronaldo only 2?
1 week ago
Geez when the team was announced and saw the there was no Mach, Rafi and Iniesta ... I almost said here we go again after the first 10 mins. And then it happene...
2 weeks ago
I think he should be given the assists for the own goal.
Thanks mate, i could not watch the game. enjoyed ur updates
Interesting how CR7 get a whole write up and all... on his birthday and Neymar does not even get a mention on ESPNFC. Sometimes it makes me feel that not only t...
3 weeks ago
Wow! :D BARCA are reconsidering their sponsorship with QATAR foundation. Have been waiting for this. Really hope we get a good sponson this time round.
1 month ago
Cheering for BARCA B today, they really need a win really badly to remain safe in div 2 :)
This is what he got the red card for and the 3 match ban which is a result of the red card: So these go unpunished? BEFORE: http://gf...
So CR7 got a red card and will thus resultantly serve a 3 match ban. But he was also guilty of violence just before the incident and also after that. Hope the a...
Will sevilla be allowed to play D. Suarez and G. Deulofeu against BARCA?
I was really hoping L9 Suarez would score yesterday. He really deserved it. His finishing will slowly improve, but would have been cool if the own goal had fall...
What did you expect me to say in 2010, when Messi was clearly far ahead of all the rest. But i really like Casillas and he is clearly one of the Madrid players...
Can anyone prepare a GIF of CR7 diving to catch the BOD trophy? :D :D Would have been happier for Neuer though. Even the Puskas award was absurd. But congratu...
Was really happy to see "the way" BARCA played yesterday against a 'dirty' Atleti side. Some of the reactions on "the Trio" may be over the top, only time wil...
Lol Lucas Moura in the background is like "WFT is wrong with these guys?" LOL
2 months ago
I love Messi but I hope M. Neuer wins the BOD this year. Given the limits of a keeper, he has absolutely done all a keeper can do to win the award. Messi and Ro...
*Edit: Dani---- Batra --- Pique --- Matheiu ---------Masc --- Busquets---------- Rakitic -------------------- Iniesta ---------Messi --- Neymar ----------
4 months ago
With the way Mascerano is playing, wont be suprised to see this formation against Real Madrid. Dani---- Batra --- Pique --- Matheiu Masc --- Busq...
Lytsdb just became a Fan of FC Barcelona II
5 months ago
I also really think that Varane is better choice for defender than Pepe at the moment. Really suprised that Carlo is continuously sticking with Pepe. I think (t...
I'm not a great fan of politicizing football. There may be other reasons for wearing the 'senyera' at the Camp Nou instead of the home kit, but it may be decisi...
10 months ago
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Chelsea Vs. PSG
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