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Pshhhh!! please lol
1 year ago
It baffles me how we all sit here and act like we did not see this coming at all! though we've been winning some games, our form, passing, execution, defending,...
"It's just one game" (In Mourinho's voice)
@4ever thank you. Idk what this guys (Nicolaie) problem is.
Bale such a force Whoa!!
2 years ago
Lucho to blame because he had other options but chose to play Mathieu whom to me constantly seem to be day dreaming on the pitch! The guy always makes silly mis...
Unbelievable! Almost as though anytime we are up by 2 and the opponent gets one back they are always going to get an equalizer as well! I've observed this trend...
Pshhhhhh! don't tell them that.
The metamorphosis of Neymar! Such a beauty
@Azeal ithink i know what you are trying to say about Messi proving himself but I think you should have said that Suarez and Neymar proved that they can work wi...
@Umairrockx Exactly! I desperately needed that specific scoreline hahaha!
That Kid Munir is so desperate and eager to prove something instead of learning and growing into his oversized shoes. Relax kiddo Jeez. For me he doesn't fit in...
We have no clue, zero zero clue! Its gonna be one heck of a season!
@MSNforce thats an instinct of a striker or a desperate defender, Pique is none of these things.
For Pique to be able to finish that, He must first get to the ball but not with this tortoise speed!
It's been a long time coming though and every realistic supporter will not deny this. We haven't been impressive since the season started. Lucho is playing too ...
Its going to be a long day!
Guys stop blaming Stegen for that goal it was nowhere near his fault. No goalie stays on the goal line when the ball is in the other half. And even if he was on...
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@9ronaldo9 you took the words right out of my mouth. Just because they choose to compare the other to him doesn't mean they are in the same class!
One simply just dont sit Messi out Period! lucho learn learn!!
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