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We have no clue, zero zero clue! Its gonna be one heck of a season!
14 hours ago
@MSNforce thats an instinct of a striker or a desperate defender, Pique is none of these things.
For Pique to be able to finish that, He must first get to the ball but not with this tortoise speed!
It's been a long time coming though and every realistic supporter will not deny this. We haven't been impressive since the season started. Lucho is playing too ...
1 week ago
Its going to be a long day!
Guys stop blaming Stegen for that goal it was nowhere near his fault. No goalie stays on the goal line when the ball is in the other half. And even if he was on...
2 weeks ago
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@9ronaldo9 you took the words right out of my mouth. Just because they choose to compare the other to him doesn't mean they are in the same class!
One simply just dont sit Messi out Period! lucho learn learn!!
3 weeks ago
When Messi is scoring a lot of goals he is benefiting from Xavi and Iniesta and now Neymar scoring a lot of goals he is benefiting from Messi and Suarez. Same o...
4 months ago
@2class4u He wants to do that more often but will they allow him or boo him?
@Che do you call this working on our defending? yes we are through but we surely were not working on our defending.
On the bench smh!
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Lyrikalrichie Watching -LIO-
While everyone is going crazy about Messi's goal, what really captured my eye is how great yet humble this guy is. His bromance with Neymar speaks everything ab...
@Jeroen i laugh at your comment not because its funny but because you say "someone" how about you create something too for the first time so we can also enjoy y...
Messi is truly delights in the joy of his team mates not in some Pichichi.
5 months ago
Messi- Neymar hold up I got this.....hahaha I will give you one later!! hahahaha
Now hopefully they will open up!
Cr7 did not score that. It was an own goal. Did you see he did not even celebrate? Watch the replay in slow motion.
I only have three problems and they are Lucho Suarez Pique you guys know what I mean! if these three ppl can bring their A game we will be good!
Want to know the difference? watch RM play CR7 is usually found in the box majority of the time (meaning waiting to score) Messi on the other hand is usually fo...
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