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You are getting flagged for your comments in Barca chat time to cool off.
4 years ago
Smalling-->rafael valencia--->nani nani--->young
I love berba more than hernandez.
Thumbs up if you're annoyed with "thumbs up" comment.
I want the 5 point gap to stay like that untill we meet city in the that we can win the title after beating them in their own place.
And another 2 weeks,liverpool gonna do some wolve lol.
Yeah but city are like"hey ronaldo & messi,come and play for city and we will pay you double of what u get from your current club" and united are like "hey come...
Any longer highlight??4min highlight just not enought
That skyblue just isn't that scary.sunderland scored 3 goals there
It'll be very funny if there's a "april fool" at the end of this lol are now 1 point closer lol
Yeah that handball is almost similar to essien's against city and it was given.
Hernandez was s**t.berbatov must be wondering why the heck he didn't get a chance
Another 2 goals and berbatov it is.
I bet goal of the season for the next season gonna be against man city as well.
Singlish LMAO.
I don't think they played entirely the last min,during the extra time stoke were the one attacking and the subtituion made for stoke during the gam...
@livercelona he did win the CL as a manutd player. and who cares about his personality,looks and all.we love him coz he's a great football player and he brings...
Didn't they losed to everton even with kompany.
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