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Better way you ask??what about....scoring a hattrick at anfield??
2 days ago
@NZL you realize we're 6th right??and that is after 8th game and the only top half team that we have faced so far were westham and swansea.
3 days ago
Hope not an own goal
4 days ago
Judging by @SIF comment,i think moyes's're bashing moyes for losing against everton twice??why didn't you bash LVG too for losing 4-0 against MKDONS??...
1 week ago
Good.i don't think we need him right now
2 weeks ago
I don't think shaw is LVG signing.i think he's woodward signing.i don't think LVG involve in any manutd transfer before netherland got knockout at the WC
1 month ago
@mu4e real fan i mean the fans that live in manchester(obviously a place where almost everyone is a manutd fan and went to the match).read back my comme...
@mu4e if you're offended by that statement,you must have a brain of a peanut.don't you think if mean what you think i mean,that means i'm not a real fan too??pf...
Sorry then @sis.i knew i've mistaken you with somebody else @mu4e why??got the feeling you're one of them??you FFFF oFFFF
Btw,by "the fans turn on moyes", i mean the fans here on footytube.i'm not a manchester so i don't know how the real fans reacted
^^ohh yes they did.and if i remembered well,you @SIS dislike him from the start @sis maybe i've mistaked you with somebody else.i think its somere
@reddevil so u think we perform well against swansea / burnley / sunderland?? don't forget,moyes didn't have di maria , herrera , blind ,falcao ,mata,rojo to p...
At this point last season,after 5 games.moyes already have soo many haters and doubters after 5 games: moyes=7 points van gaal = 5 points its not that i've lo...
@Angry Di Maria I just realise I have same amount of Premier League medals as Steven Gerrard. I only been at club 5 minutes!
So far,which striker has performed better than rooney?
To those who said "rooney is finish when LVG become manutd manager"-before the start of the season lol at you all
^^why the heck are you comparing midfielders with a striker??
Just pray that we will win after this long break or it'll not worth the wait
Ok it only a loan deal or are we really buying falcao??
9 months ago
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