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3 weeks ago
"Our poor form will subside.we will then become like barcelona." "You will see how wrong you are come the end of the season" 1 win in our final 6 games Loll
1 month ago
Sorry @2Class4u ,i have to disappoint you.i've retired of doing that now.but still,feel free to think that i'm a genius thought.hahah
2 months ago
Actually 80 crosses = 2 goals.
And yes,i did read your(shiwa,sayrox,reddevil,gohonaf,manutd1990) post about me the past few weeks.thank you.i think i'm being missed.i'm sorry i can't reply co...
Owh and also,the last time i wrote something here,the mods need like,10 hours to approve my comment.and by the time it got approved,my post already been in the ...
And yes...i also cannot edit any of my post(or maybe footytube no longer allowed that.i don't know).but gohonaf,i hope you watch our game last week. my best re...
@shiwa how dare you.LVG is a genius.
@chelsea61 of coz i can still post.but all my post need to be very nice and how i wrote now.or the mods won't approve.and i think nobody likes posti...
Lutheaven updated their profile
Just in case if anyone miss me,i just want to tell you guys that i'm always here.but my account got reported and everything i post need to be approve by the mod...
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Define "better" TOD
3 months ago
Lutheaven (Manchester United) 2 hours ago Hahahahahaahahahaa Dude, I'm a doctor(about to take my master in psychology). And diet is exactly the first treatmen...
4 months ago
Not pointless actually.i'm just teaching him about medicel stuff
Hahahahahaahahahaa Dude, I'm a doctor(about to take my master in psychology). And diet is exactly the first treatment to control diabetic. There're two type o...
You, sir, are so clueless that I am legit wasting my time arguing with you. First of all, I am only half of a semester away to be a health care professional. So...
That was a ridiculous analogy. First of all, sugar is scientifically proven to harm a diabetic patient. How can you be so certain that LVG is so bad that we ris...
^^wowww.i see it now sayrox.u're a basically,titles define this symbol >>> right??? anderson&cleverly>>>gerrard cleverly>pogba evans>hummels thank yo...
I read your post and i'm not gonna take u seriously coz obviously you knows nothing when u said " AZ (pretty compareable to Everton in terms of league success"....
^^again,those are sarcasm duhh again slowpoke
That's it.i'm ending this pointless argument now considering you guys not gonna admit you're wrong aren;t ya.and i've never seen a smart counter argument so far...
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