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Am i the only one thinking that having shaw and somebody else from the academy is a downgrade from evra and buttner??
1 week ago
Its because shaw,with his ability right now,isn't worth 27million.not yet.but he has the potential to worth that much,might be more.people always overlook poten...
2 weeks ago
Damn forgot about that.then better hope somebody else is available
3 weeks ago
Well i don't trust a 19years old shaw and somebody from the academy to lead the LB position.we need someone with experience.if only we can get ashley cole for f...
If we sell evra,don't we need to buy a new LB?
Who start/the foundation of the tiki-taka football?? -guardiola -barcelona -spain -something else
Am i the only one thinking we have done enough signing already?? last season,our poor form we blame it on the manager(moyesie) n poor central midfielder n left...
I don't think you love dog
^herrera himself said he was disappointed of not going to manutd when david moyes wants him
4 weeks ago
How can u sure he'll florish under LVG if LVG himself wanna sell him lol
If you have a fb account,then go to SUPERHIGHLIGHT the best thing that happen to fb so far.they upload highlight(10-20 minutes) of every important matches.
1 month ago
Owh my bad.i didn't watch any of world cup games after england and portugal were knock out from the group stage lol.
Today my facebook timeline is full with this who the heck is Juan Cuadrado...
Everytime you open your mouth..........
Its not like you won so many CL title after he left thought
I think its because of the ball.i remember that in the last 2 wc,there were so many complains about the ball.
Ashley young won't be leaving.well at least that's what he think
4 months ago
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