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@eileksi 100% agree with you here.the worst thing is they are so biased yet they think they're so smart.
1 week ago
Whatever @SIF.your opinion sucks lol.after all that has happened,i'm proud to say "i told you so"
2 weeks ago
Admit it,those kind of players are too good to play the way lvg wanted.that's why di maria left.he knew he's to good for lvg
@SIF i thought u learned from your overly positive attitude after the bournemouth game where you thought we gonna win by huge margin
3 weeks ago
Or maybe the best way is to get rid of the diabetic lvg.remember that diet is a ttt for it.
4 weeks ago
^^because the way we're playing is s**t but we'are still winning thanks to the players
We are progressing
^^actually,he already has made it(2 seasons ago).the hype he got at that time is almoat as much as martial got right now Its lvg who should stop acting like ja...
1 month ago
Relegating teams as hard to beat as top 4.actually this season,its more like the top teams are as easy to beat as the relegating teams
But to be honest,playing against relegation battle team,at home,they should be the one thinking how to counter us.not the other way around lol
I think everybody here knows that i don't trust lvg since his first few games after he came in.but i got a good feeling for today we will win the game against c...
Actually everton/stoke will surpass us unless the game end with a draw
"however the case remains we still don't have a squad comparable with the likes of bayern munich, real madrid, barcelona" we don't have to be comparable to the...
Chill out dude.look at the table.we're still progressing
You want him to show that he's hurt on the field??
Say what now??lolololllll
What wound??
So your definition of improvement should only be judge by one season??the 2 season after he left doesn't count??okayy Does losing to bournemouth,norwich,and so...
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