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Btw,yes some great players did reject playing under moyes(thiago alcantara).but you're delusional if u think players go to a club because of the manager.its the...
4 days ago
@Gohonaf i'm not disappearing mate.i'm just done having conversation with (edit)someone with diff opinion "it wasn't about the money it was about moyes inabili...
Lutheaven today you decided to take a debate to MUFE1999's wall and you became personal and rude; if you can't be nice then I'll either edit your post or will s...
1st - i'm not comparing SAF with B.R i'm comparing the early season they had,not the individuality or the person 2nd-try look at the bigger picture.a win doesn...
Lol this is stupid
5 days ago
That match is like Zlatan vs Messi,Neymar & Suarez lol
1 week ago
Sometimes its inaccurate?? its always inaccurate if you check them more than 1hour before the match start
^or maybe you're playing with 12 players all this time coz aguero is twice pozo. hows that!!!
@2class u'll be amaze of how well i'm doing in real life.shows how intelligent i'm actually am lol well,i don't know about this guys.i'm not saying strootman n...
2 weeks ago
Why would i not want him on the team?? -coz i don't like seeing great players being benched lol.(chelsea and mancity used to do this and people were making joke...
^so you don't think the bench is pack with talented players already?? mata-januzaj-fellaini-blind?? obviously we already have talented MF to be bench.if we're...
Do we really need another midfielder?? AM=rooney - mata - (januzaj - fellaini- herrera - di maria) CM=herrera - fellaini - di maria - januzaj DM=carrick - bl...
They're only 5 points behind the top 4
Totally wrong fact there @phenom.manutd was a top 4 team for 5years straight before SAF took over. you might think manutd was one of the worst coz of the worst...
Its not haram im islam.but islam do teach to try avoiding it
3 weeks ago
So @SIF,you're saying there'll never be another manager like SAF -because SAF is just soo great -or because people are so dumb and impatient not to give their m...
I don't think anybody get what i'm trying to say here. of course nobody can be compared to SAF ever. but...this is base on early management.SAF didn't do grea...
Rivalry aside,is it wise to compare B.Rodgers early management with ferguson?? ferguson also took a top 4 team(yes the team was in relegation zone after 10game...
10 months ago
11 months ago
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