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We should wait until we win agaisnt at least one top club at OT before we can say that
4 days ago
@toruhyuga most of our 1st team now are new players.saying they are part of the team that was ruined by Moyes is an insult. -falcao - herrera - dimaria - shaw -...
5 days ago
What can be called as a successfull season?i read some of us think the 4th spot is good enough for us.but i feels like this season we should really make a chal...
6 days ago
Better way you ask??what about....scoring a hattrick at anfield??
1 week ago
@NZL you realize we're 6th right??and that is after 8th game and the only top half team that we have faced so far were westham and swansea.
Hope not an own goal
Judging by @SIF comment,i think moyes's're bashing moyes for losing against everton twice??why didn't you bash LVG too for losing 4-0 against MKDONS??...
Good.i don't think we need him right now
3 weeks ago
I don't think shaw is LVG signing.i think he's woodward signing.i don't think LVG involve in any manutd transfer before netherland got knockout at the WC
1 month ago
@mu4e real fan i mean the fans that live in manchester(obviously a place where almost everyone is a manutd fan and went to the match).read back my comme...
@mu4e if you're offended by that statement,you must have a brain of a peanut.don't you think if mean what you think i mean,that means i'm not a real fan too??pf...
Sorry then @sis.i knew i've mistaken you with somebody else @mu4e why??got the feeling you're one of them??you FFFF oFFFF
Btw,by "the fans turn on moyes", i mean the fans here on footytube.i'm not a manchester so i don't know how the real fans reacted
^^ohh yes they did.and if i remembered well,you @SIS dislike him from the start @sis maybe i've mistaked you with somebody else.i think its somere
@reddevil so u think we perform well against swansea / burnley / sunderland?? don't forget,moyes didn't have di maria , herrera , blind ,falcao ,mata,rojo to p...
At this point last season,after 5 games.moyes already have soo many haters and doubters after 5 games: moyes=7 points van gaal = 5 points its not that i've lo...
@Angry Di Maria I just realise I have same amount of Premier League medals as Steven Gerrard. I only been at club 5 minutes!
So far,which striker has performed better than rooney?
To those who said "rooney is finish when LVG become manutd manager"-before the start of the season lol at you all
^^why the heck are you comparing midfielders with a striker??
7 months ago
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