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^^this kind of argument.sight** i don't have to be a lecturer to that some lecturer sucks.or a singer to say some singer sucks.or a comedian to say some comedia...
2 days ago
@sif i'm pretty sure that was the same reason you give last season.needing the right 12/13 we think we only need new CM.13/14 we think we need new ...
3 weeks ago
@SIF mancity has always been a midtable the heck can you compare our one season disappointment to them.yes we finish 7th that year but its still a team...
To barracuda,i don't think i'm an oracle or what not.i'm just a
4 weeks ago
I want arsenal to win it,so that we can troll that cocky mourinho for describing arsene as "the failure" lol i've said that mourinho isn't a long term manager 2...
The same person who said we should be fighting for the titles 2 seasons ago with the players we had are now suddenly saying those players are deadwood and after...
1 month ago
Of course you all don't wanna admit he failed as you were so happy when moyes got sacked and he was appointed as our next manager. i swear after moyes got sack...
2 months ago
Lol..who is he to choose our next manager??so far he's a failure. If this is true,lets just hope martial performed so that we don't blame the next manager just...
So what if he scored or not in his debut.doesn't change the fact lvg loaned him thinking he's not ready for us but ready to play for dortmund.and whats up with ...
"he's good enough to play for dortmund but not good enough to play for us" - van gaal and some fans logic
Why does people always highlighted the fulham game when we scored 2 goals in that game??
Moyes > lvg
Adn who needs de gea when we have argentine best gk
Then we can say we let go of -dutch best striker -irish best cb -best mexican cf -loan out belgian best prospect
Then rooney don't deserve to be loaned out.and he didn't.adnan is not our worst player.everyone knows sometimes he can provide more than the other players that ...
Hey Bro, I thought i would get your attention here. I hope i am wrong but i find that you might be singling me out at the united forums which i felt was uncal...
I've watch a lot of darmian videos since we sign him.i think he can be either really good,or really really in lets hope its the former
So what if someone said "i told you so".everytime someone else have different opinition,you guys criticise him calling him a fool egoistic blablaa.. so yeah,i ...
Lol karthik what he do when given chance??he has scored for us lol
@badge those are player that fergie have problem with coz of their outside the field behavior.not the other way around.while in LVG situation,its the players th...
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