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Never say never attitude are back!!!!
1 year ago
Its been a long time having this feeling of scoring 3 and still asking for more.good game!!!
How absurb my football knowledge??dude,go to my wall and read back your post lol and tell me the times when we did well under lvg??everytime we win??if that wh...
Whats up with linking me to sunderland page??giving moyes hx i won't be shock if they were relegated in his 1st realise i'm too a manutd fan right.ju...
Said someone working as a pharmacy lol.i thought you're a medical graduate turns out only a pharmacist??look,you're not qualified to teach me mdical stuff and n...
@sayrox wanna have a discussion about medical stuff somemore??lol
I'm back for the derby!!! so what did i miss??any stupid prediction been made so far??sayrox??cheshire??
^^yes,if he plays under great manager. if herrera a 2nd tier,then blind,rojo,darmian,depay are >3th tier
2 years ago
@shiwa not hoping.but knowing it's gonna fail @SIF at least if the fans stand by him,that might give the glazers some thought of keeping him.if you said moyes ...
@maxmaxima what true colours??for the record,i'm not laughing at the club but at the fans who're so confident with lvg in the beginning.and i blame their stupid...
So...who's laughing now??
THEcheshire,you should see yourself still trying to analyse football lol
"if liverpool end up winning the europa final, or even being compeititve, i think it proves the gap in europe isn't down to the players' quality, but rather it'...
@cheshire who the F**K care what you care lol @redevil then you all lot have to go with "wesuckatanalysefootball" or some s**t like that
Looking mancity in SF of UCL,probably among,barca and b.munich,"aspire to be like city" definitely better than our current state and lvg philosophy.hah...
@chechire and you can stop giving your opinion about moyes.i get it,even lvg has 0 win in 100 games for manutd,he can never be worse than moyes right??so brilli...
So that should teach you not to laugh at people who have different opinion than you.i'm not among those fans so you should treat me with honor an respect.haha ...
Oh look its @cheshire trying to get me better spend your time for education.haha
Why should i listen to're one of the fans who's so proud n confident lvg was the right man in the beginning.haven't you notoce how dead wrong you are ye...
Why do you love defending him he your grandchild or something
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