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Its not just about money.its not like manutd didn't spend enough over the last years.we bought valencia,young,jones,berbatov,RVP,kagawa and so many more. the s...
22 hours ago
Obviously the Glazer only want the top4 finish or the manager are finish.this is what i like about them.they care about the stability of the club and didn't exp...
23 hours ago
I think the GLAZERS are the best owner a football club can dream of. -they never interfere SAF on his management of the club. -they trust SAF on hiring D.Moyes ...
Wow...after seeing how solskjaer flop at cardiff,now you want scholes??
1 day ago
They'll be in the same group with team like bayern/baraca/real/ other top teams right??just like mancity??
2 days ago
It'll be funny after all the laugh we got from the scousers for not getting into UCL next season,suddenly they join us in europa league after being eliminated i...
£20m??i'm so proud of
Anyway,why are you so afraid if we get into europa league.everton,tottenham and even hull city didn't make a fuss of manutd fans(i'm excluded) logic,ever...
3 days ago
What makes you think he gonna be a flop??
4 days ago
Then we have this htt...
5 days ago
I'm surprise soo many people didn't notice that the technology has been use so many time this season.even in the 1st week,the chelsea match(against i don't reme...
I didn't add tottenham and everton because they didn't have the pressure to finish in top 4.manutd,liverpool,arsenal have the history of always finish in top 4 ...
6 days ago
-manchester united- -manchester city -chelsea -liverpool -arsenal now every season,we'll see that one of these teams not finishing in the top4 and failed to qu...
We have the chance to finish 5th!!!everton still need to play mancity
^^actually SAF did played unfit rooney against bayern in CL quarter final 4 seasons ago thought
1 week ago
Edit:hopeless.forget it
Stupid mistake lol
#mufc XI: De Gea; Jones, Smalling, Vidic, Evra; Fletcher, Carrick; Valencia, Rooney, Kagawa; Welbeck subs: Lindegaard, Büttner, Ferdinand, Giggs, Januzaj, You...
Which one is better?? Manager A: manage a relegation threatened club,get them a trophy but failed to avoid from being relegated.then transfer to another club ...
2 weeks ago
2 months ago
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