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I'm really confuse of you now moment you're asking the fans to calm down. and the next moment.........
1 day ago
MUFC is right.breaking down pack defense isn't easy. thus why cambridge haven't scored yet
Who the heck are those 1%??
4 days ago
^^how much more time??
5 days ago
I think i just figured out what LVG means when he said the team is not balance when he switch to back 4 and more balance when we played with back 3 back 4 form...
1 week ago
"I know in advance that when we play with four midfielders in a diamond that we create more chances" "And you've seen it because we had created chances but so h...
" LVG knows, that he has no world class defenders at the moment, that's why he stacked the defense with 3 CBs" i can name 100 clubs that has worst defender tha...
We change the formation with 4 at the back for 30minutes and we scored 2 goals.
Me,i blame it all on the formation lol
^^dude,the're paying the club.not uss we still have to buy the shirt with our own money and that's why we care
What's happening at everton??after all the hype of last season,they are now battling for relegation(only 3 points above relegation now). if things doesn't impr...
You have to realise it by now,there are either ronaldo fan,or ronaldo haters.there're never messi fans. and wanting neuer to win the ballon D'or is actually an...
We have to see the upcoming games.if LVG still doesn't change the system,then he deserve the criticism.i think he got carried away with our unbeaten run using t...
The only problem now is the formation once LVG change that,i'm pretty sure we'll perform well again
@gohonaf this is more than a came after 2 successive draws to me our attacking player is comparable to the team like barca, and bayern only to ...
I think this is the summary i made 3 pages back so proud you calling it the best summary
I see.but i have different idea to me managers job is not to make the team score goals.that's the players job.managers job to me is only to make sure the team ...
@MUFC1990 its funny when u said we are more clinical this season after the game where we had 0 shot on target and more: this season after 21 games:34 goals las...
Hahahha FYI,this is my first post comparing LVG and Moyes before this,i only defend moyes when some fans unrationally(to me) bash him
This season after 21 games:37points last season after 21 games:37points i know so many fans here gonna be mad at me for posting this.
10 months ago
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