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Its not haram im islam.but islam do teach to try avoiding it
1 hour ago
So @SIF,you're saying there'll never be another manager like SAF -because SAF is just soo great -or because people are so dumb and impatient not to give their m...
4 days ago
I don't think anybody get what i'm trying to say here. of course nobody can be compared to SAF ever. but...this is base on early management.SAF didn't do grea...
Rivalry aside,is it wise to compare B.Rodgers early management with ferguson?? ferguson also took a top 4 team(yes the team was in relegation zone after 10game...
3-5-2 yeahh!!!! trust in LVG philosophy. looolll
5 days ago
Why aren't anybody confidence about this gamee?? yes we've got too many injuries.but the back up aren't that bad either plus i don't think losing all our cb i...
6 days ago
Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea faces four weeks out after dislocating his finger in Spain training.
1 week ago
@Ldinho i suggest u do it right now,right here.then print screen or whatever method you can use to save it.then we'll see another 5 years. edit:maybe we all ca...
2 weeks ago
And why is that everytime i defend moyes,everyone else think that i hate LVG??lol
No @badge.its not that i love moyes..i just don't want the fans to treat new managers like how they treat moyes.judging him base on "how much title he has won" ...
@SIF the end of march??you sure??coz i remembered defending him last season here in this forum even after 10 games or so.might me less than that i think. -i re...
@toruhyuga he's not drunk.this is the only unbiased opinion i've met so far lol.
On serious note... i'm not a fan of judging a manager after a season(definitely not after 11games).i want LVG to get at least 2 seasons just like i wanted moye...
Noo..these are not LVG fault.its moyes fault.he put mid table club mentality into the players *sarcasm
I think i need to remind you guys that.... -it's okay now to make fun of liverpool(here) =D
"He is not even half the player sturridge is and cost more than nothing to be disappointed mate." well if u wanna argue with this kind of point...then:...
@Lorenzzzo you know we bought fellaini too right??everybody knew from the beginning at the season,fellaini/mata/herrera/januzaj/blind/carrick gonna rotate betwe...
@JRadical what does that mean??are you saying with more pressure means that it is 'more okay' to not win or it means with more pressure,its harder to win games?...
We suffered a lot of injuries last season too.remember there was a period where both RVP n Rooney were out at the same time?? at least this year we have a lot o...
Simple explaination is: @mufc1990 meaned that we missed our BEST(not only) chance of defeating time we faced them,they might be stronger than they wer...
3 weeks ago
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