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And I'm sure the ref would have been scrutinized if Milan would have made a tie and and progress with out calling that a penalty. Its all too complicated now. S...
6 years ago
OK, I think that second penalty was what changed the match... 1. Yes Nesta was grabbing the jersey, but answer me this. How many notice Puyol obstructing the ma...
Agree, but Messi can be selfish too.
Realizing that he just got thrown out there in the field after not even completely healing from an injury. he wasn't even a choice 4 days prior to the game. so ...
Good stuff Man! definitively if it goes your way there isn't a problem, but when it doesn't, all hell breaks lose. im really believing Milan can fight to get 2 ...
Pato needs to be more consistent.. and get more fiber and protein in his diet, to keep away from injuries :P
Even if ppl try to compare this Milan to the one and the past and say they are a weaker team. It doesn't mean they aren't good. I got tired of hearing the comme...
Wow ur such a hater! all negative, damn im sure if u had a girl she prob be super positive (opposites attract). and no i dont see neymar like the next messi, bu...
Robinho had one of those days, seedorf definably stepped up. but to me one of the biggest uprising is Pato. why? because Milan at the beginning of the season de...
7 years ago
Im sorry but the milan defense was horrible all game long, specially how they kept getting sink in for little passes that often broke them apart. they should be...
Lol i can just imagine pep guardiola going over how to raise their hands when they get scored on.
They are going to have to learn to counter- attack. hope pato is back by then, cuz then who is going to be the main stricker? oduamandi??? specially since robin...
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